Monday, August 28, 2006

BKB (Bad Karma Backlash?)

Wow, do you ever have one of those days, that was my day yesterday. I had one of those days where you just could not please anyone. It started off in the first hour when this jackass comes in with a coupon for a free movie.

I have had trouble with this guy before. He is part of the online program our company offers. Every month they send you free movie coupons. Each ticket is individually coded, so if it has been used anywhere else, it flags the screen with the message, Coupon redemption not allowed, this item was used at the date, at this time, at this store.

He caused a scene the last time this happened, and I still refused the coupon. So here it is Sunday, and he is trying to use another coupon. And same thing, it pops up saying the same message, and says he used it on the 25th, at such and such time.

The only difference is with these coupons is they are from the coke rewards, and they work the same way. You print them off at home. You bring them in and we scan them. He basically flipped out and raised his voice towards me. I even turned the monitor and showed him the message. He goes on to tell me that I am the only one that ever gives him trouble. Blah blah blah... whatever, I dont care. I am not the one that runs off the same coupon twice, I am not saying he does it on purpose, but what ever. If I would have thought about it, I could have taken the coupon he brought in on Sunday and got the one out of the filing cabinet from friday and showed him the numbers were the same. But i am sure he would have said I used my "fat Boy" magic to change the numbers. Since he was already blamming it on me. (Are you sure you did not just scan it twice?) What i wanted to say was, Yes, I traveled back to friday and scanned the fucking coupon just to foil your attempts at a free movie...

If I had built a fucking time machine I think I would have used it for better uses. Like i don't... anything else. Maybe shoot your father so he could not even concieve your stupid ass. Out of all the sperm you were the smartest and the quickiest.

Then this was followed up by the famous, " Well if I did not put the DVD in the case, then why didn't you call me? I am not paying this."

Followed by my answer of, "Well if you had given us your correct phone number we could have." Okay not in that mean of a way, but I was not having a good day.

So then to go on to the conclusion for the day. I call my friends and let them know that, i am not showing up for the Sunday Night Game. (Role playing, not something super manly like sports) I leave work, and drop saturday nights deposit in the drop box.

Which gets jammed... Lord only Knows what the hell caused this. I am guessing ... Me. I did get the bag all the way in. I called my boss to let him know what happened. I worried all night beause there was nothing we could do. I was worried that someone could use there deposit box key, open it up but my fears were put to rest in the morning.

My phone rings, I jump out of bed to run into the kitchen. Where my bear foot slips on the carpeting. I am still not sure why my carpet this morning was like running on ice. My legs fly out from under me, my ass hits the floor, and it slides a few inches, just enough that my knee slides underneath the counter, causing me to incure a half moon shapped gash across my knee that bled for 15 minutes and hurts like hell.

It seems that the night box is so jammed that the have to call in a specialist to fix it. Yes, thats right. They can not get the thing open. And they have to call in a specialist to get it open. Luke thinks this is funny, and he and I have made a pact. That Bank girl is never to know that I am the idiot that broke the night deposit box.

So what the hell have i done, this al started last saturday when a bird shit on me. (Luckily it was mulberry, and not chuncky half disected worm) What have I done to get this bad karma backlash. I hope it goes away soon. Maybe its like that movie Failure to Launch... I am not right with nature because I refuse to do what has to be done. So nature is coming back at me. (Okay, so alot of this stuff is not nature, but just work with me here.)

Anyway on the love front. I did call that girl last week, talked to her for 45 minutes or so. And left it up to her to call me. She had a lot of stuff to do that weekend.. (Main thing was move because she just got divorced on Tuesday.)

I told Luke all this stuff, and he tells me to go for it. Usually if a girl has this much baggage then he is telling me to run the other way. But its like he is telling me to go for it.

She did call me back last night, and we talked for almost 2 hours. I am not getting my hopes up. I have not seen here, and i am not sure how I feel about abadnoing my great quest for someone I know I am attracted to. But I am at least talking to her.

The one good thing is that I was able to let some stuff go. I think Sarah's boyfriend threatening me was actually what I needed. It helped me let go, but letting me see the kind of person she really is. Every since then I have not missed her at all. It was like this cloud has been lifted off me. And even my friends have noticed I have been happier. I hope it stays this way. I have confidence that it will.

The funny thing is, that a couple of days before the threat. I asked the "angels" to help me get her off my mind. That I wanted to move on and not miss her. I am a little weirded out about how fast all that happened. Sure there was a threat of violence, but I am not sure I was ever in any real danger, my friends all told me they would be there for me. So it all worked out. And I am a happier peerson. And Sarah gets what she always wanted and she is a happier person...

Wow, sorry about the book I wrote you guys tonight. Just doing a little catching up. I will let you know more about the Misty situation as it develops, and also the bank girl situation.

I just hope I can dump this bad karma soon.



Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I got Digits

No, they are not the bank girls digits. But I did get a girl's number from my best friend's fiance. One of her co workers. I am supposed to call her tonight at 8. Or at least after 8.

This is totally blind for me. I have no idea what she looks like, but on the other hand she has seen pictures of me, from myspace. I hate to say, but I feel reluctant because we all have a little shallowness, and I have to admit I am no different.

I was married to a women who i thought was beautiful. And I just have a hard time accepting the fact of dating someone I do not think is very attractive. Not only that I am afraid that it could hurt my friendship with Ben's new fiance. This is the first girl he has ever dated that actually likes me.

You see when someone usually tries to get me to go out with someone, its usually someone I have no attraction to what so ever. In High School, Ben and Wil tried to set me up with a mutual friends sister. Who i can tell you was very far from my type. I am not that good looking but the girl was scary ugly and part of me has never forgive them for that.

Then on the other side of the coin, there is bank girl. I have started a flirting thing with her, and I am not sure where it could go. I am very attracted to her. I know what she looks like and I know some of her personality. I feel like if I start talking to this girl, it may take away from the fact that i wanted to start something with bank girl. And I am working on it, but at the same time, is bank girl really interested. Its hard to tell cause she is always in that fucking window anymore, and we have not had a chance to talk.

I wanted to wait to call this girl after I talked to bank girl next week. (Since I found out I am scheduled to work 2 days next week, both days she will be at the bank.) But at the same time Jennifer would not let me wait, she called the girl and asked her when it would be a good time to call her. She said tonight. So if I dont call, I look like a jerk.

Ben is going to have problems, this girl does not take no for an answer. But at the same time I understand she is helping out, and I am glad she has thought about me, but I jjust need to have a little closure first.

Ughh... My life gets too complicated sometimes. I guess we have to see how the phone call goes. Who knows this girl could be gorgeous. I did hear she is very quiet until you get to know her. (And we know how much I love women who dont talk :( )

So far i only know the facts about her... she is older than Jennifer, so she is like 27-28. I believe she is a nurse. She has two daughters who are a year and a half apart, and look exactly alike. She has shoulder length brown hair. Her husband cheated on her. And she is pretty short.

Oh well i am going to go soak in the bath tub. Everyone have a good night.


Monday, August 21, 2006

I Swear I was only offering you Popcorn and Coke

So I was rnjoying a typical Sunday at my job. It was a relxing Sunday, I had been through a few nice little rushes, nothing to get too bent out of shape about. Lately at work we have ran a small promotion that if you rent 2 new relase movies, you can get a Tub of Popcorn and 2 20oz. Coca-cola Products for $8.00. It is a very good deal.

So we try to get everyone to partake of this deal. Because it is a great deal, unless you do not like Coke and popcorn. Well here in lies my downfall.

The Brain is a wonderful tool, without it we would be dead. It gives us stuff to do, keeps us from doing dumb things, most of the time. Butthe brain also has its own routine. (No I am not saying your brain is starring in the downtown Theater, in Macbeth. As funny as that would be to watch.)

I would like to alert everyone to the next few paragraphs. If you are at work, please cover your mouth to keep from laughing hysterically, I would hate to see anyone get fired for fucking off. If you are enjoying a nice beverage, maybe wonderful Orange Fanta, or some other sode, coffee, or water. Please put down the beverage so that you do not have the painful experience of blowing it out your nose.

So now we have those rules established. I will go on to the story.

So this wonderful Brain I have is getting ready to wait on a customer. A Biker dude. Not the rough type so I will let you know now that itdoes not end up with me unconscience or anything.

I start to ask him if he would like to add popcorn and coke to this. Instantly as I try to get the word popcorn out of my mouth, my brain takes over.

Wait... what the fuck are you doing man. We never say popcorn first, I mean seriously, coke always comes before the popcorn, egads man, are you some kind of invilid. Are you that daft. Its 2 cokes and a popcorn... 2 cokes and a popcorn.. Oh hold on I will fix this you wanker. (Yes my brain speaks to me in an English accent, and strangly sounds like my Xbox buddy Allan "MastaChi3f" Bates.)

So my brain slams on the brakes, and tries to stop me from saying popcorn, but it is not quick enough, it gets the word to stop at pop.. but at the same time it tries to say coke, I am trying to finish corn.

So this is what happens, I ask the customer...

"Would you like some Pop.. um Cock.. I mean coke."

"Oh God no man, I defenately do not want any of that."

So yes, i actually offered the man Cock. And my brain, who got me into this in the first place.. I hear it tell me... Fuck you Hendy, your own your own.

At least the guy was cool about it. I have to admit that I laughed about it for 45 minutes after he left. I mean what else can you do. The guy did come back a little later because he got the wrong movie.

I am not going to ask you if you want any popcorn and coke this time.

He replied, "I would not offer it to anybody the rest of the day."

I almost added, "Yeah well hell i can't give it away to a women," but I left it alone. I mean i already offered this man Cock. In turn I think I lost some of my dignity. But oh well everyone have a good night.

Saturday, August 19, 2006


Well tonight is a very interesting evening. It seems the guy who sent me the hreatning email actual showed up at my work tonight. The suprising thing is, I kind of had a feeling he would.

The thing that suprised me is that he actually shook my hand and apologized. I am not sure what his motivation was, I am sure there were several. I think he may have been sizing me up, playing the alpha male card. I also think after reading all my blog he did see how much i cared for Sarah, and that i loved her. And he may actually kind of just feel sorry for me for being such a loser, and throwing myself an online pity party.

I knew who he was as soon as he come in the door and called me by name. I did not cower away. He is a big guy, he is pretty sturdy looking. (Like me, I am chicken legs and arms, with a big gut... as he is 6 foot tall and built like a football player) He does not seem to be such a bad guy when he is calm and non threating.

But anyway as far as I am concerend, he has no threat from me, I could care less about Sarah, especially after her last email to me. I get sick of her telling me that I am going to be alone the rest of my life. But oh well. Life goes on, sometimes when you did not even want it too.

All night tonight, for like the last 2 hours of my shift I just feel like I have to be at the bank tomorrow, and try to give "her" the first card. The one that lays it on the line. I feel like something is pushing me towards this.

I think it has to do with the new age stuff I have been trying out. And some of you may laugh, but others may want to look into Dr. Doreen Virtue. She is an Angel Thearapist.

Her belief is that we all have Guardian Angels around us at all times. And that we all at least have two. Maybe more. And i can tell you from first hand experience that for a little while now, and maybe even before I even read about her, it seems to work.

When you have a problem, you ask for the angels around you for help and guidance. I know this all sounds kooky. But I am teeling you it works.

Case in point when i lost my wallet this week. I was almost on the verge of tears after drivng to find it. And not being able to find it. The thing was as soon as I asked the Angels for help, I became more calm, and in my mind I knew I needed to sit down and relax. And about 5 seconds later, I knew where my wallet was. I had a call from my mom's apartment community on my caller id. I felt so stupid for not realizing it sooner, and another thing was on the way home, I kept feeling like I needed to stop at the gas station to get a coke, or that I should go to taco bell and get something to eat. Had I listened to these keys, I would have realized my wallet was missing.

So now everytime I have had a problem I ask for guidance, and I also am sure to think God when it comes through. In fact it has lightened my depression and opening up more to the world.

And I have a feeling that now the angels are pushing me toward the bank tomorrow. Why tomororw I am not sure, but I am still wondering if I should do it, or if this is all crazy talk. So I will let you know how all that goes constant reader.

Also why reading this book she talks about people of the world, that some of us are decendants of other folk. And she describes a group of people who are called incarnated Angels. And it souns so much like me it is scary.

They are people who look youthful for their age. They are usual heavy because they tend to eat alot because of depression. They are always trying to help people with their problems, and they actually feel awful when people try to help them out, they dont like to accept things from others.

If you are interested I think her website is

Anyway i need toget to bed before you people really think I have gone insane.


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Bad Day Yesterday

Yesterday was not the best of days for me. I had been on a great run of feeling good for myself, but yesterday kind of brought me back down. And no it was just not the email.

The moment I got home from doing Laundry yesterday at my mom's apartment. I was tired, sine I stayed the night over there the night before. Sleeping on the couch can cause you to feel miserable.

I got home and walked in my apartment, and I knew something was not right. I was very hot. My air conditioning had quit working. So I sat down and checked my email, and we all know how that turned out (Update: I was told that he will never be contacting me again, and that she would not ever read this blog again)

So I call to see if I can get anything done about that. I figured that I would not be able to get a hold of someone, so I was planning on just leaving a message. Someone actually answered the phone. She was sending over the maintence guy. It was 6:30 PM and I was getting service.

So my night of laying comfortable on the couch was blown to hell. It was more like laying in a sauna. So i quickly throw away some newspaper and junk on my counter and vaccum before the guy gets there. (This kind of comes in important later).

The could not get it fixed today, but they did give me a window unit for a temporary fix. So I was not going to die from Heat exhaustion. So somewhere around 9:30 or so I realize I am really getting hungry.

I decide I was going to go for a walk around the corner to McDonalds. Never mind that it is pissing and pouring. So i start gathering my stuff, Keys, got em, cell phone, got it, wallet... wallet... where the frig is my wallet.

I spend the next hour frantically searching for my wallet. I look everywhere, i tear this apartment apart. No luck. I try to call my mom to see if I left it there. She wont answer her phone.

So I am so frantic, and worried that I drive back over to my mom's place... which is like a 45 minute drive. I then proceed to ransack her apartment looking for it. I eventually even wake her to look for it. We have no luck...

So i drive back home, just sick to my stomach. It was a bad day, and I just knew when I got home I was going to have to go dumpster diving for my wallet.

So here I am, with a long pole, and a borrowed flash light from a drunken neighbor. Lucky for me the trash dumpster was damn near empty. So I could easily locate the items I threw in it. I did not however find my wallet.

So i am soaked to the bone now, tired exhausted and depressed. I sit down at the computer. I ask for an answer from my guardian angel to help me find my wallet. I look up, scan the room and then it dawns on me.

I checked the home phone when I got home, and wondered why earlier my mom's apartment complex had called me. They left a voice message but i could not listen to it earlier. Now I got it to work...

Hi we have a wallet turned in here that someone found. blah blah blah.

The only reason they had my phone number is because a long while back when i was trying to work up the courage to ask out the bank girl. I had wrote on a piece of paper, "Call me sometime" with my name and phone number.

I of course have never given it to her, so just like the condom in my wallet since after the divorce, it was still there (No I dont really keep a condom in my wallet).

So my wallet is with my mother right now, i am having Ben bring it to me soon, so i do not have to make another trip to Henderson.

On the bank girl front today. She was at the drive through window. So she did walk past me and say hello, and "Thank you for the card, it was very nice." So I am not sure if that was a blow off, or she was busy. Today would not have been the best day for me to ask her out anyway, I was still in a pretty foul mood. And very distracted.

Always next week I guess.

Have a good night.


Monday, August 14, 2006

My Freedom of Speech

I share everything with you guys. I am a very open and honest person. I have gone a long way with you on this blog constant readers. And that being said, i am going to share something else with you.

It came as a shock to me that my ex wife has seemed to have gotten back with an ex boyfriend of hers. Now he is threatening me with physical harm. Because he said I should take down the blog, and everything about my ex wife off it.

Now as you know latley this blog has not been so much about her, because it seems we were on fairly good terms, until now. I do not know what has been going on, nor have I really cared to much lately, I have been living in my own shitty world. But one thing I did not take kindly to is being threatened. So let me share with you the suprise email I got when I got home today.


While I respect freedom of speech, I think that it has to have limits. I would like to respectfully request that you do one of two things. One either take down your blog (thedivorceididnotwant) or write a very respectful and apologetic retraction of all previous post regarding your X-Wife. I am being nice. I was asked to not meddle and while I respect the person, I cannot respect the request. I am infurated to think that a person would go to such a length to discredit his x-wife. I would also like to add that I think that it is a bite silly that you still make remarks regarding her on your myspace. I think that to be a bigger man you would remove both. I think that if your "bank girl" ever did read your blog or myspace she would find that you are a petty individual that is stuck in the past. Sarah is not yours, she never will be agian. She left because she wanted. The same reason that I left my wife. People get divorced, people don't die because of it, it happens. It happens alot actually. I wish that you could move on. Not for my sake or Sarah, but for your own. You are treadding on dangerous ground and I would hate to see your hurt (physically, very physically). I know enough about you to find you. I already have a hated for all blockbusters and anyone that they associate with. I would like to add as I try to control my anger that you shoot Sarah an email, the last email of your life, and apologize for everything you ever did, said, or typed. I think that would be the gentlemen thing to do. Sarah is not fat, nor a slut, nor a whore. Like I said, I cannot (yet) make you take them down or aplogize, but if I do not see positive progress soon, I will take such actions as neccessary.

You seem like a good guy, I just dont know why you would do stupid things. Hell I used to play a little D&D in my time and was slightly addicted to Ultima Online for about a year, but then I grew up. You can choose to be a man or you can choose to be a grub. Please for your sake and the sake of being a man in the situation, please fulfil my request. If you like we can meet face to face at any venue that you choose at any point. I am in the Evansville area every weekend. I would love to meet you for breakfest, lunch, or dinner, or even a brunch if you so choose. Shoot me an email and let me know

Am I scared... Not really. I am a pacifist and I do not like to fight but man, this has me more angry than anything. But I am calm and I will remain that way. Cause I really don't want any trouble. But I refuse to remove any info from my blog.

I never have called her a slut. I said I went in once and she was dressed in a slutty manner. I am heartbroken about my divorce, and anything really offened her I have taken down when she told me about it. Now she wants a champion to defend her honor I guess. The same champion that in the stories I heard from her, cheated on her. But that is neithier here nor there. If that is what she wants then hey there she goes. Everyone should be happy, he perents get the little gem of a husband that they were always camparing to me. She gets her hero, and life goes on. Everyones happy.

I have more important things to deal with like what i am going to do tomorrow about the girl from the bank. I am sure writing this makes me all petty doesn't it. How I should be crawling on my hands and knees over to Sarah right now and telling her...Thank you so much for making my life so miserale, its not your fault I loved you so much that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. That I would have done anything for you.

I guess i should have let him know all the good stuff i did for you, so he can learn what a real man does for a women, since he seems to need to flex his muscle. Maybe you should have called him after you had your surgery, who was it that brought you dinner, walked the dogs for you and basically did anything you asked of him. Yeah we forget that shit dont we Sarah. Thats fine. I did it out of the kindness of my heart. Because there was a part of me that will always love you. But hey we can throw that out can't we. Cause you got a real tough guy that sends threatning emails to me.

I have a right to feel and to write what I wont on this blog. And from time to time that was how I feel. Have a nice life there Sarah, you have a real winner with you know, who will end up in prison if he does not get that rage problem worked out.

Guys Have a good night


Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Well I was just informed a little bit ago that my little birthday card made one girl at the bank very, extremely happy. So it looks like not only have a done a good thing, but that she might just think the same thing about me.

So I need to follow this up. Lukrativ called me this morning about this. He was told by (more than likely posion) that she was happy after reading the card, and would not tell anyone what it said.

So what do you guys think.


Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The First Move

Okay, so today at the bank I made the first move, sort of. I delivered the birthday card from last week. A sweet gesture and no phone number, to let her know that yes I thought she was attractive. She probably already knows that is how I feel. But the card confirmed it.

The card said, "To the Lady who owns the beautiful smile, who makes my Tuesdays that much better."

I know probably corny, but hey, it is also something simple and sweet. I had the other girl hand it too her, and since I have code words for everyone who appears in the blog, we shall call her "poison"(Not a mean name for her, I do not think she is icky or something)

poison is very funny, She knows for a fact I have a crush on this girl. She was trying to get me to sign up for a checking account at this bank, "You could see your friends everyday." The entire time she says this she is pointing her thumb back toward the bank girl.

Bank girl herself was busy, but she did look over my way at one point and gave me a wave, the kind that are almost more like spirit fingers. And smiled. Then later I said out loud in her direction, that I heard someone had a birthday last week. And you could just see a smile come across her face.

"Yeah I am getting old."

As I was leaving I just stepped over into poison's window, she made it real easy because she asked what my last name was. (I am wondering what that is about also?) I handed her the card, and asked if she could hand it to Bank girl. She said, but of course. And I told her to have a good day and left.

Poison handed her the card, I heard her call for her. And I also heard her let out a loud Awwwwwwww (from Bank Girl)

Part of me had wished I had stuck my phone number in there, but I also did not want for people who don't know what is going on, to stick there nose in my buisiness. Everybody is going to ask what a birthday card says, and if a phone number is attached well you get the drift.

So I am not sure how this will turn out. No one came to see me at work today, so who knows. But at least I took more steps. But lets hope I did good work.


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Happy Birthday Bank Girl (Wherever you are tonight)

Today, was/is bank girl's birthday. I know this because Luke had told me so, or at least tried to tell me so. Since last week. He heard her and some of the other girls at the bank talk about it.

Also I think the cats out of the bag about me having a crush on her. Either Luke told someone there, or my googley eyes were caught by someone who was paying attention. Because Tuesday the new Bank employee was talking to me.

Out of the blue she asks, "So guess who's birthday is tomorrow?"

Why would you ask that, because she knows thats why. This new girl at the bank is on to my games. Unfortunantely bank girl was not working Tuesday, because I had a birthday card for her. (It is different than the last one, this is an actually birthday card, and it will definately get to her, because, no one will ask any questions about it.) Bank Girl is taking another vacation this week.

So Lukrativ and I have a plan. We know that they are having a employee dinner, and Lukrativ thinks it would be a smart idea to show up there also. Like be all suprised that they are there. Part of me feels like this is invasion of privacy, and stalking. The other idea is that this is great. If the bank girl shows up, without a date, I would pretty much assume she is single. I also think the other two girls at the bank are working on this too. (They have both been in the store and asking where I was at.) So who knows, I am wondering if one women could be worth all this, but I know I would have gone through worse if I were to want to get back with the ex.

I am not trying to put the "Pussy on the pedistal" (Love that movie 40 year old virgin by the way). But I do feel that certain requirments have to be followed because of the way a bank operates. (Like I am afraid of putting a letter through the drive thru because someone else could get it, or giving it to just any employee because they may ask to many questions. I have to admit I could make it alot easier on myself but I also do not want it to affect her or her job)

Anyway, enough about bank girl. Maybe someday she will see this blog, and see that I spent an almost entire blog post about her and her birthday.

Ugh how is the weather where you are, I just got home from work and let me tell you it is awful here. I walk outside and you can just feel it weight down on you like a wintercoat. Its heavy and hot and no matter how you move it still feels like it is pushing down on you. My body feels just awful, the best thing about it being this hot, is I do not feel like eating. However I drink more liqud than a camel when it gets this way.

Anyway, i hope everyone has a better less lonley night than I am.