Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I got Digits

No, they are not the bank girls digits. But I did get a girl's number from my best friend's fiance. One of her co workers. I am supposed to call her tonight at 8. Or at least after 8.

This is totally blind for me. I have no idea what she looks like, but on the other hand she has seen pictures of me, from myspace. I hate to say, but I feel reluctant because we all have a little shallowness, and I have to admit I am no different.

I was married to a women who i thought was beautiful. And I just have a hard time accepting the fact of dating someone I do not think is very attractive. Not only that I am afraid that it could hurt my friendship with Ben's new fiance. This is the first girl he has ever dated that actually likes me.

You see when someone usually tries to get me to go out with someone, its usually someone I have no attraction to what so ever. In High School, Ben and Wil tried to set me up with a mutual friends sister. Who i can tell you was very far from my type. I am not that good looking but the girl was scary ugly and part of me has never forgive them for that.

Then on the other side of the coin, there is bank girl. I have started a flirting thing with her, and I am not sure where it could go. I am very attracted to her. I know what she looks like and I know some of her personality. I feel like if I start talking to this girl, it may take away from the fact that i wanted to start something with bank girl. And I am working on it, but at the same time, is bank girl really interested. Its hard to tell cause she is always in that fucking window anymore, and we have not had a chance to talk.

I wanted to wait to call this girl after I talked to bank girl next week. (Since I found out I am scheduled to work 2 days next week, both days she will be at the bank.) But at the same time Jennifer would not let me wait, she called the girl and asked her when it would be a good time to call her. She said tonight. So if I dont call, I look like a jerk.

Ben is going to have problems, this girl does not take no for an answer. But at the same time I understand she is helping out, and I am glad she has thought about me, but I jjust need to have a little closure first.

Ughh... My life gets too complicated sometimes. I guess we have to see how the phone call goes. Who knows this girl could be gorgeous. I did hear she is very quiet until you get to know her. (And we know how much I love women who dont talk :( )

So far i only know the facts about her... she is older than Jennifer, so she is like 27-28. I believe she is a nurse. She has two daughters who are a year and a half apart, and look exactly alike. She has shoulder length brown hair. Her husband cheated on her. And she is pretty short.

Oh well i am going to go soak in the bath tub. Everyone have a good night.