Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Happy Birthday Bank Girl (Wherever you are tonight)

Today, was/is bank girl's birthday. I know this because Luke had told me so, or at least tried to tell me so. Since last week. He heard her and some of the other girls at the bank talk about it.

Also I think the cats out of the bag about me having a crush on her. Either Luke told someone there, or my googley eyes were caught by someone who was paying attention. Because Tuesday the new Bank employee was talking to me.

Out of the blue she asks, "So guess who's birthday is tomorrow?"

Why would you ask that, because she knows thats why. This new girl at the bank is on to my games. Unfortunantely bank girl was not working Tuesday, because I had a birthday card for her. (It is different than the last one, this is an actually birthday card, and it will definately get to her, because, no one will ask any questions about it.) Bank Girl is taking another vacation this week.

So Lukrativ and I have a plan. We know that they are having a employee dinner, and Lukrativ thinks it would be a smart idea to show up there also. Like be all suprised that they are there. Part of me feels like this is invasion of privacy, and stalking. The other idea is that this is great. If the bank girl shows up, without a date, I would pretty much assume she is single. I also think the other two girls at the bank are working on this too. (They have both been in the store and asking where I was at.) So who knows, I am wondering if one women could be worth all this, but I know I would have gone through worse if I were to want to get back with the ex.

I am not trying to put the "Pussy on the pedistal" (Love that movie 40 year old virgin by the way). But I do feel that certain requirments have to be followed because of the way a bank operates. (Like I am afraid of putting a letter through the drive thru because someone else could get it, or giving it to just any employee because they may ask to many questions. I have to admit I could make it alot easier on myself but I also do not want it to affect her or her job)

Anyway, enough about bank girl. Maybe someday she will see this blog, and see that I spent an almost entire blog post about her and her birthday.

Ugh how is the weather where you are, I just got home from work and let me tell you it is awful here. I walk outside and you can just feel it weight down on you like a wintercoat. Its heavy and hot and no matter how you move it still feels like it is pushing down on you. My body feels just awful, the best thing about it being this hot, is I do not feel like eating. However I drink more liqud than a camel when it gets this way.

Anyway, i hope everyone has a better less lonley night than I am.