Monday, July 24, 2006

Stormy Weather

Man last week was bad. It started out wiht a fricking heat wave. Indiana Humidity is the worst. I walked outside and felt like I was going to pass out. It has been a long time since I felt heat this bad.

Then a big storm rolled in, which had wind gust of 90 MPH, my car wont even go that fast. It blew a truck over in Henderson, and made one hrll of a mess. It also blew the roof off one of the buildings where my mom works. (One they just replaced last year because the wind blew it off)

Afterwards the temp dropped for a few days, but seems to be slowly climbing back up.

I worked day shift everyday since Thursday. And Bank girl only worked that Thursday, in the window. So no dice. Sometimes this gets very frustrating to me. Oh well there is always Tuesday.

Its funny now, I am on a first name basis with everyone at the bank now it seems. Everyone talks to me there, which is kind of frightneing since I did not think so many people even knew my first name.

There is a new girl at the bank now who is also a customer at our store. She is real nice, and she is friendly with me, because I always cut up with her at our store. Her and Her boyfriend think I am hilarious. Okay well at least she does.

But other than that not much going on. Seems like I have been really busy, I worked so many days in the row, plus hanging out with my friends on the weekend makes it feel like all I have done is come home and go to bed. I have a late charge at another video store in town because I rented a 360 game (Prey if anyone cares) and I did not want to take it back until I finished it. (Which i did a few minutes ago)

I am thinking about going to soak in the tub and read more of angels and demons. I swear I am going to finish this book, but man it seems like I cant get into it to save my life. I really want to finish it becuase Tree hugging Hippie told me it was great, and she has tried to convince everyone to read it. (She is not the first to recommend it, I do believe the ZOO recommended it about a year ago.)

I read a new age book last week, and I have to say it was a very interesting read. I am not going to get too much into it because I know some are going to call qaukery, but all I know is this, when it comes to stuff like this I am a skepic,but so far so good this seems to be working. I feel better, and more confident. And I have even had a smile on my face since i started this.

Anyway, you guys have fun and I am logging off here.

Have a good night