Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I would have Done it Today

I have to know. I really can not take it anymore. I have agonized over it long enough. I want her, or I want to know she is not interested in me. I have come to the conclusion that I have to know.

So I went out yesterday and bought a card. I card that was blank on the inside. When i got to the place to buy the card, the Hallmark lady asked me if I needed help finding something. I told her what i wanted. She handed me a box of cards.

I looked through them slowly, trying to find the card that would get my point across. I had come to the next to the last card. I did not see anything I liked yet. So I was not expecting much when I flipped up the last card.

All it was, was a purple card with a butterfly on it. Below it, it said Dream. Perfect. Because I have dreamed of this moment for as long as I have had a crush on her. She loves butterflies. She has a butterfly pendant, she has a butterfly ring. I could not have picked a better card if I tried.

I filled it out last night. I took a little of what Audrey told me to say, and mixed in with a few things of my own. I told her I did not know much about her, but I did know she has a beatiful smile. And I would like to get to know her. I also included the mysterious fortune. (Also by the way, if you add up the lucky numbers that it had, then you get 7, if you add up my full name in numerolgy, it also equals 7)9Side note i was also born in 77)I also told her if she wanted to go out for Coffee or something to give me a call. And i left my number.

I felt relief when I made out the card last night. It was like for once i had taken a step. A bold step considering the baby steps I had been making.

This morning I picked up the card and put it in my pocket. I was going to do it.

When I got to the bank, she was working drive thru. Damn, no way to really give her the card discretly. So I just left it in my pocket. I would try agin next Tuesday. I was also sad that I would not get to talk to her.

So i stood in line a little heartbroken. I looked over at her, she had no customers. She started going through some paperwork, and she looked up at me. Smiled and said hello.

I had been depressed all week last week, more like for the last 2 weeks. I bet 97% of it drifted away when she said hi to me. My batteries were recharged. Of course I told her hello. Then the teller at my window broke my moment to ask how I was.

I told her I was tired, I had tossed and turned all night. From Bank Girl I heard a loud Ahhhhhhhhhh, the kind that someone uses when they are teasing you about something. I laughed. I asked her if she was on vacation last week.

She told me she was, I asked if she went anywhere good, she said nope stayed home. We talked a little more at each other from across the room. She told me she did not get more than 4 hours of sleep last night. I asked her if she was up partying last night, she laughed and said nope. Then i left, with the card still in my pocket.

At this point, I want her so bad I can describe it. The card gets delivered next week. She could have been up late with her boyfriend last night, but if she was or was not, if she even has a boyfriend... all these questions will hopefully be answered next week.

Well i am going to get off this computer and go watch some more Alias. Audrey told me to watch the show and I have to say it has gathered my intrest.