Thursday, May 11, 2006

One Year

Well hello guys, it has beena long year. Today is this Blogs anniversary. I have been doing this for 365 days. Sad but True.

Anyway on to other matters. It seems that Keely is interested in getting to know me all over again. It seems that all of a sudden, the " The man of her dreams" wants to seprate. Hmm I did not see that coming, okay i am lying I totally did.

Seems that she has given me her phone number. And she wants me to call her. Part of me is flattered by this. Are you telling me that after 8 years of not speaking to each other, I was sudenly good enough to want to spend time with again. The women that has slept with more men than I can count is looking for her virgin conquest. Damn, i never knew I had that affect on people.

So I am not interested. But a part of me thinks that it could be the key to what i have been missing for a year now. I could give into the dark side, and just go for it. (I would be double or even triple bagging it cause she has been ridden more than a coney island roller coaster) But its just not me, and there would be no futre in it. I want a future, I want a legacy, i dont want another heartbreak.

Part of me would love to do it for vengence, to get back at her for the way she done me. But I cant really blame her, because my life was actually decent with Sarah until things went Sour, so her leaving was a blessing in disguise.

Sarah was always jealous of her. I never understood that I guess. Maybe it was because she was my first, I mean I was jealous of her first. I guess most of us have this inside jealous, i dont know. I honestly can say no one besides Sarah, have I cared about who they slept with.

So anyway, I think I will just keep that number saved in my hard drive. I dont need to call her. I think it would be asking for trouble. Love is always better than lust, but still it feels good to think that someone out there has had me and missess me.