Friday, April 07, 2006

So how about that Weather

Well not much to talk about today. Life is pretty okay at the moment. It could be better, it could be worse. It just a could be kind of of day. Anything can happen on a could be day right?

Lukrativ told me he is going to buy me a gift card for our store for me to give to bank girl. He wants me to give it to her so she would have a reason to come into my video store, and I would look like a nice guy. I just think given gifts to someone you don't really know is just kind of creepy.

He said he has tried it before, and its worked. All I know is that if you give a girl a gift, you best damn sure so it in person, or at least leave your name on it, so she knows who you are. Don't put Secret Admirer and your phone number. Why do you ask? Because you get called a stalker, and her brother threatens to beat you up.

Of Course brother would have made a mistake coming up in my house and threatening me. My two best friends were living with me at the time. But Hey whatever, it was my first time I tried something different to get a girls attention. High school is a funny time. I am just hoping when I do ask her out, or do something that I don't get threatened.

I am calming down a little more. I think I am working up the courage to ask her out. I am getting to the point that my life is lonely. Sure I have my friends and my Xbox 360, but without the USB sex toy Attachments , it does not stimulate me like a women can.

Sunday is coming up, and it will be a year since I had sex. Me and the ex had a one last tie night. I felt bad afterwards. It was not exactly how I planned it. Trust me I am not really looking for sex. I want the whole package. I want someone to watch movies with, someone who will make me feel better when I am down. Someone to spend the entire night talking to. And yes sex could not hurt. Its been so long since I had it I probably forgot ho anyway.

I have been walking a little taller, smile a little more. I try to smile at all women now. No matter how out of my league they may seem.

On to other news, Ray o Sunshine is quitting after next week. I sure will miss her. She was like a little kid sister. Now who is going to worry about what I eat. Oh well.

Oh and by the way, i had a great day sitting around and playing my Xbox. Much more fun than I would have going out to the park and being outside. But I will probably do that. I may see about getting me a laptop in the fall. I think if I could get a laptop and take it to the park I would do a lot more writing.

Good day all, gettign ready to go put my money down on Battlefield 2: Modern Combat for the 360. I have been dying for this game to come out.