Sunday, October 29, 2006

Well I am doing a little better lately. I am waiting for money for me a car, but I am not so stressed about the entire situation because the city bus line and my friends are getting the job done for me.

And Thursday was one of the best days ever. Because it is the first time in a few months that i was in line with Bank girl. And I am not sure why, but my day was totally brightened.

She knew about my car situation. So I think these girls talk about me at work. It was a nice conversation. We picked up talking like we were old friends. And I got to be in the glow of her wonderful smile.

I get it. The reason why I am attracted to her. She is a light giver, an incarnated angel. She actually cares about people. You do not find many left in this world who follow this lifestyle. Sometimes i feel like I am the only one. But I can tell she cares about people.

I wish I knew how to make this girl mine. But we know how that goes. I did tell her about my Buster, and we discussed her min dautsan that she had to put down in Febuary. She told me that I was going to make her cry with my bad luck streak. (I was not making a big deal of it, but I am sure I simply looked pathetic when i walked in dripping wet with rain.)

Sigh oh well. I think posion is still tying to get me to ask her out. She keeps making coments like, She is so nice isnt she. Or when i tell her to tell bank girl i said hi, her and the other girl light up. All I have to say is, what kind of bet do you have to loose to have your co workers try to set you up with me.

Oh well it was good to speak with her, and afterwards my day improved alot. And I can still feel warm in her beautiful after thoughts.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Buster and my arm (This pic was so bad of me I had to cut me out of it

I was just informed about an hour ago that Buster, who was our Min Pin died after being hit by a car last night. She took him to the emergency vet, where he died a half hour later.

Buster was the only thing my ex wife wanted after the honeymoon. She wanted a dog, and she even let me pick out the breed. We got Buster, before I even know what a pug really was.

Buster Loved me, but he loved her more. He was her dog. And I just remember him as being the biggest wuss of a do I had ever seen. He truly was afraid of his own shadow. And we have many stories of him but the one I will remeber most was the first time he was taken to the emergency vet. The same place he fought his last battle with life.

Sarah and I were trying to get our apartment straightened up. He kept trying to jump into Sarah's lap. SHe kept sitting him back down on the ground while we were picking up. She reached over and picked him up to move him, and let him go about an inch of the ground.

When he hit the ground he let out a yelp that was the most horible ear piercing thing I had ever heard. Ar..Ar... Ar... over and over again. Sarah and I gathered him up to the bed room. We layed him on the bed, as he continued his cry. We looked him over, I tried to feel around and find a broken bone. I was not sure, but every time we touched his little leg, he would squeel louder.

We stepped back away from him to see if he would get up on his own and move around on his own. The way he got up, he made us think he may have dislocated his little shoulder. We rushed him to the emergency vet.

I held that dog while Sarah drove like a bat out of hell to the emergency vet place. He seemed to be doing better, but if I moved him, he would do his cry. Tears were running down Sarah's face. She felt so bad because she thought it was her fault.

We carried him into the vets office. And the longer we sat the more Buster seemed to be better. The Dr. told us to come in. He would be right back, and we needed to put the muzzle on him.

We but it on him and sat him on the table. And this was like a wake up call for our little pup. This muzzle thing was pissing him off. Suddenly his broken shoulder was a minor annoyance to him. This muzzle was his sworn enemy now.

By the time the doc got in there again I was giving this little punk of a dog dirty looks. He was fine. Not even a sprain. No xray needed. They gave us a few pills for inflamation and sent us home.

The DOctors only response. The Smaller the Dog, the Bigger the baby.

I have missed him, and I feel sorry for Sarah and Tiki, who he lived with since the divorce. I hope Tiki will be alright. It just seems as the years drag on more stuff from my life goes with it.

I will miss you Buster VonBarron Wood

Monday, October 23, 2006

I was broken

Man, it has been a weird few days. Since my car blew up and all. My nerves were basically shot last week. And I would love to say they are better this week, but the jury is still out on that.

I have people that love me, and that is the most important thing. My friends have stepped up to the plate to help me out alot this week. Matt and jeff offered thier services on getting me home after the incident. After that my Thursday night was just alot of me crying.

I tried to play a little Xbox wto take my mind off things. My friend Agrippa from Xbox would not leave me alone, inviting me to play a few games of Splinter Cell with him. Finally I did. It helped me get through 2 hours, of course afterwards i cried some more.

I was off work on Friday, waiting on pins and needles about what was going to happen with my car, thats when the news was broke to me about how much it was going to cost to get it fixed. After that i cried some more. It just felt like my soul was broken.

I talked to mom about the situation, and we came up with a way to get me a car, it was just going to take about a week and a half. My friends picked me up Friday night to dinner. i did not cry, I held it in, the best I could. There were a few moments that I thought I would break but did not.

I got home, tried to get some sleep. Slept a little, but had to get up early because. I had to ride the bus.

I have never riden the bus, it really was not so bad. It got me to work, and only cost a buck. And the only problem I had was getting home. You see the bus I use to get home, quits running at 6;15 at night, which is the only time I can get to the bus terminal. The closest bus to my house, is still a 2 mile walk home. But I guess thats better than a 7-8 mile walk home. And we all know I could use the exercise. There is still hope that I can make the bus, if I can convince my co worker to come in an hour to half an hour early. i think she will do it.

The only big trouble this week is getting home late Wednesday night. Since no bus runs at the time I get off work. But there seems to be a lot of people willing to take me home.

I think it bothers me because I feel like I am burdening everyone else with the stuff that happens to me. Its not there fault, and i hate when people have to take care of me. But I would be alot worse off if they didnt.

Luke told me today that I am probably not being a big a burden as i think I am. Which is probably true. And I would do the same if I was in ther position. But i just feel like everyone else does more for me than I can ever pay back.

But hopefully things get better. I am off today and tomorrow. I need it. I want to clean up my apartment. I have to do some laundry, and I am not sure if I am going to go with Josiah to the Fox and Hound tomorrow or not. I really dont have the money to spend on it.

At least my work schedule is going to get worked out next week to help me out also. Luke really is a good boss.

Oh and a funny story about my ride home on the bus. I sat down near the front of the bus, and another guy was sitting about 2 seats over. He was dirty, and just did not look very friendly. One of my others friends called to tell me I needed to come out with them to the game saturday night because it was never good to be alone when you are depressed. Well this guy on the bus, I must have disturbed because he got up and moved. I mean was not being loud or obnoxious I was just having a polite conversation. I found it funny.

So things are better. I may have found a car. I am trying not to get my hopes up. One of or customers who i cut up with all the time has one for sale, in my price range, and sounds like it is in good working order, just needs a paint job. Let me tell you, i could give two shits less how the car looks as long as it runs. So keep your prayers, and fingers crossed for me.

Well i am going to get off here. Have a good day.

Friday, October 20, 2006

I have had one of those weeks. I mean what can I say. My life sucks, and it seems that I am not suffering enough. So for some reason that even I dont understand, God decided to lay another smackdown on me yesterday.

My car is dead... dead... dead. $2500 dead. My timing belt went last night in the pouring rain, which also bent the rods in my engine. So we are looking at 2500 to fix a car that I paid 1250 for... oh and guess what... its not like I have any money to fix anyting anyway.

So lets just say that I spent the rest of last night Bawling. I mean what can I do. I dont have money for another car. My mother does not have money for another car. So i am not sure what i am going to do. I will riding the bus back and forth to work for awhile I guess. And as for going on any dates, yeah who the hell wants to date someone who does not even have a car.

I just wsh somedays I would just fall over dead, it sure would bring me some relief. I spend more time crying and worrying than I acctually do living life. And I mean what the fck. I would give someone the shirt off my back to help them out and this is how I get repaid. I got nothing, I lost everything, and now I have no hope for my future. I guess it never gets better than this. Gee I cant wait to see what gets thrown my way next.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Have you ever known anyone to go to great lengths to see drama. After tonight i have found out the most manipulative evil person in the world. This brain lies in thecomfort of my own dear friend Josiah.

You see the following story is real. And several key pawns were moved into place. A chess game of epic proportions. One that would smacked me in the face had it gone off as planned.

Lets see, last week, Brian and Josiah and a female co-worker all went out to lunch. Kim and Brian hit it off, and they planned on going out on a date on Sunday. Those plans fell through because Kim could not find a babysitter. And also that same day Brian got asked out on a date. So basically that ended the Brian Kim thing.

Now two days before all this went down. I was told that the place we were going out to, The Fox and the Hound, Kim's soon to be ex husband, was a waiter. And she wanted to join Brian, josiah, jarrod and I there. Hearing that Brian was worried he woul get beat up, because he is a little Diet Coke of a man. I knew I could not back out because, he is still a friend, even if I have known him only a little over a month.

So Here we have all the pawns laid out. Brian and Kim, Kim's husband who cheated on her, and also is a wife beater, Chivalrious me, Jarrod and the master manipulater me.

The day before, Brian almost made it sound like Kim was after Josiah, who can not stand to touch the flesh of a women, it would almost be the equivalent of Lucifer touching a cross. Kim had also just lost her job on Monday. josiah feeling bad for her, offered to pay for her drinks and food tonight. When Brian told Kim this, he almost made it sound like he was dating Kim.

So know we get to today and the entire plan back fires. Kim could not get a sitter tonight. Brian could not make it because he had another dae or something. however I learned where all this was heading to.

Josiah was already planning on picking her up and bringing her to the fox and the hound. hoping to see some drama from her husband, Brian, and Kim herself. Then when the night was over, he was going to ask me to take Kim home, hopng that her and i would hit it off instead, and since she was staying at a hotel while she got her housing situation out of the way., that we would get it on. Now I doubt I would have went that far. And whos to say she would even want me,( but she did say she liked big guys)

Yes he told me all this. And then followed it up with, And she will be here next week cause she already has a sitter. ANd the sad thing is, he knows I am completely intrigued enough to come back next week.

And to top it all off, her husband was our waiter tonight. I even made some comment while was walking by about wife beaters being cowards. So I am not sure how the hell I got drug into this so easily, but I did.

Josiah was going to set me up with this girl awhile back, and it seems he is going to try even harder this time. Geez I get myself in more trouble sometimes. And this is a very complicated story to follow, and yet here I am. And all i was doing was trying to have a good night out with friends.

Oh well, Shit happens right.

Sunday, October 15, 2006


After the day I have had

I dont want everything

I just want to feel like I felt when I was with her

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Depressing Movies

Wow, I do not know how much more I can take of these damn movies I have been watching lately. They are warping my fragile little mind.

Let me See:

Click (Spoiler alert)

Please scroll down






Okay the first half of this movie is funny and cute. A universal remote that controls your universe. Ha, awesome gimick. ut somwhere in the last half of the movie it really tugged at my heart strings. His wife leaves him, and his kids hardly knew who he was.

It really made me cry for like 20 minutes, because you really felt sorry for him, he wanted to make things easier for his family, he just not want to waste the time to see the results. Its one of those movies that makes you realize that in between getting what you want out of a career, sometimes you sacraifce the people that matter

Oh man this movie tore me up. Really wish Adam Sandler would go back to his funny shit.

Then tonight I watched, the break up...

If there was ever a movie that made we think about my marriage it was this one. And here in lies my confession. I am not sure many people knew this or not. And in a way it makes me a bad person.

When my ex moved out. I went out and joined all the dating sites again. Went out with the girl Mandi for the purpose of making my ex jealous. And thats what Jennifer Aniston's character did, and it backfired on her just as well as it did on me.

I was so tired of my ex getting mad at me, and threatening divorce. I never cheated on her. I never pushed her around, I would try to do anything I could for her. And in my heart it bothered me because I never felt appreciated. I always felt like she kicked me to the curb and I was not important. I am sure that she felt the same, that I never appreciated her either. And that is what we call a communication breakdown. Two people who felt that the other one never appreciated them.

And in the end it failed, outright. I wondered for so long if things would have been different if I had not tried to make her jealous. It does not excuse what she did to me, but I was not perfect. Yet at the end of the day, it does not matter. Whats done is done.

So the movie also ended that same weird way, running into your ex on the street, and hearing how good there life is. Just like the day I ran into her at the grocery store. But hey thats life right.

Anyway I am going to have to find some really good movies soon. Something lighthearted and funny. Too much seriousness out theere in the movie world.

Also I have noticed today that my blog was acting weird, like it had disappeared. I had to republish everything, and afterwards everything came back up. So i just wanted everyone to know I did not delete the blog. I am getting close to my 275 post. Thats a lot of blogging. But I am not sure how long it will be here. Maybe some day I will change the name.

ut for now I am still Divorced... and dealing.

Monday, October 09, 2006

The World According to Bo-Bo

So whats going on everyone. Ready for another action packed episode of D & D. I know I am. Lots of boring, mundane, and ridiculous things to uncover so lets get started.

Well I have official been a member of the Xbox Live family for 2 years, as of October 2nd. Because we know that caused my divorce and all (whatever). And this past Saturday I celebrated with an hour long conversation with my good European friend, Masta Chi3f.

With the Xbox 360 web cam. It was so neat. The picture quality was outstanding for chatting with someone across the great big Ocean. The most exciting thing is when he pulled out the american flag we sent him, and displayed it. He showed me his room with the cam, and it just gives you a feel for how cool it is that I may never really meet him in real life. But as long as there is Xbox, I got a friend I can see and hear now.

Lost started again last week. I loved it. I think they could walk around to the other side of the Island and find the shipwreck of the S.S. Minow and I would still love that show. (Okay, I would probably quit watching it if that had happened, but you get my drift.) I am still as confused as ever, but at least the first 5 minutes gave us a few clues, and it was kind of a little bit of Alias thrown in there too. (Strange commune out in the middle of nowhere designed to look like the suburbs.) Oh you are a sneaky little Devil J.J. Abrahams.

Another show I love this year, and this is a real big shocker. I thought the best new show this season for me was going to be Heroes. It turns out with every episode I keep getting more bored with it. My favorite show this season is Jerhico. If you have not started watching this show, then I suggest that you go to and watch the first three episodes right now.

The internet sure makes things alot easier. Wednesday nights I can only tape one show because I do not have a remote for my VCR, so I have to start taping when i leave for work, so that it tapes Lost, but because Jerhico is on another channel. But thinks to the web I can watch the show for free online, and get my fix.

This Wednesday i will be able to watch Lost and Jericho on the couch, because I am off. So I will watch both shows with my mom on Wednesday night.

Well my buddy Josiah has decided to run another role playing game. After our Saturday night role playing game, we are going to leave and go to someone elses apart and play into the later hours. The thing is we are playing a game from the 80, which is just hilarious. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and other strangeness. If you remember the cartoon and the movies, you know the basic Idea, that we are animals the get transfrmed into anaprmorphic animals. Ans my character is going to be a Cigar chomping, detective named Tiki ( Which is my favorite dog I have ever owned name, gosh I miss her.) Of course he is going to be male and his real name is going to be Tequila (Which is kind of funny becase Chow Yun Fat played a detective name Teuila in hard boiled, and the soon to be released video game Strangle Hold.)

I found even the coolest picture at deviant art for my character.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I am still talking to the girl Misty. I am not sure where this is going. Like I have said before. But at least she likes me over the phone. I am still not convinced we are going to be compatable. I am trying to feel that out. But hey you never know I guess.

I know that she had a rough weekend. Her oldest Daughter got sick because of an unknown Alergy problem. She is having to give her 4 breathing treatments a day. But she is getting better. The youngest was funny the other night she talked to me for a few minutes on the phone. Then she went yelling for her sister, asking her if she wanted to talk to "Robin" on the phone. Who would have known I would rather be called Bo-Bo than Robin.

Bo-Bo has been my nickname for most of my coworkers to call me. At least that is the one they chose for me. And now Jesse knows it because I ran into my co worker last night at the grocery store. And she called me Bo-Bo. Ughh.. sometimes we just can not escape those horrible nicknames.

Oh and the other night some jackass called me Fat ass, when I was trying to walk across the street from Burger king to work. I mean I guess he got the wrong idea when I was carrying 2 bags of food, a large soda and a milk shake. It was not all for me... its was Torrie.. she is pregnant and has to eat every 15 minutes LOL. Oh well some people are assholes. What can I say beside that. I am fat, I deal with it everyday, so get over it.

Anyway, I have babbled on long enough. Have a good night


Monday, October 02, 2006

No This is Not Why I am Divorced

Aussie comedy group Tripod performing their song "Make You Happy Tonight" at a Comedy Festival

I am not Sweet... I am Big Boned.. wait What?

Got A New Haircut

Hello Guys, been pretty busy lately. Okay not really but I thought I should check in. I had a very exciting day today. It was my mother's birthday. So I spent most of the day with her.

Every year here in eville, we have a Fall Festival. Its the seconf Largest street festival in the US I think. And we have a lot of people who come through there.

Its all about the food. Funnel Cakes, Lemon shake up, Scorpion suckers. (With actually scorpions inside) Chocalte covered bugs, Lemon Shake Ups, Brain sandwiches, Buffalo Burgers, and did I mention the Lemon Shakeups.

We went with Matt and Jeff. And then came back to there place and sat around and chatted. I went next door and got a haircut from there Landlor, who owns a barber shop. I plan on him becoming my everyday barber. He gets that sweet spot of how I like my hair to look, A little more hair then the way my ex used to cut it, and a little shorter than the other place I went cut it.

I am seeing alot of accidents lately. Or at leat hearing the stories of them. A customer of ours son broke his neck two weeks ago, and when you hear this story, and you do not believe in angels then I do not know what to tell you.

He was coming home, it was raining, and his car slid off the road, he must have been going pretty fast. He hit a retaining wall, The car cartwheeled end over the wall, through him out. Then the car fell on top of him. Crushing him beneath.

The farmers land that this happned on, had a daughter that just happened to be driving behind him and seen the car cartwhell, and was there to call an ambulence. When her dad got down they could not find him. Because he was pinned beneath the car and was barely breathing. 4 people lifted that car off him just as the ambulence arrived.

He broke the same to vertabrea that Christopher Reeves did, but it did not sever his spinal column. He can still move his legs and arms and they think he will be fine, he has to wear a halo for 3-6 months.

Needless to say when she told me this story, I took off her late fees since it was the reason why her movies were late to beging with.

After leaving the fall festival today. We seen a car, it had wedged itself under a school bus, and it look pretty totalled. We did not see how that happened, but it was definately a sight. I am hoping everyone is okay. They still had the kids on the school bus, so I do not think it hurt the bus too much.

So anyway. I talked to Misty again last night. She called me. I talked to her for a half hour, and explained my reluctance to call her. (Because I never knew when she was home, and I did not want to wake her kids, and basically be a nuisance. I never have liked being the one to call someone, unless I knew to call them at a specific time. Its also hard to talk to the oppsite sex on the phone when your "So called Freinds" are yelling.. Rob I am back with the condoms, and Honey come back to bed.

SO I am planning on calling her Friday, and even more so now. Becuase I talked to Ben today, and wanted to let him know that she called me so he could tell Jennifer that she called.

"Dude, she really wants to meeet you bad. She thinks you are the sweetest guy." Really did not see that coming. Its nice to hear that stuff, because we know how much of a creep I was before right. LOL

So I am hoping this turns out to be good. I get leary of these to good to be true scenarieos. And even more leary of one that involves Ben in the equations. The last time that him and Will tried to set me up with someone, it was our friend sister. And I try to comment on to many things, but this girl Scared Ugly. I am sorry. There was no reason to try to bring that to me. And I have never forgotten it, oh man I have never forgotten it.

Anyway. Hope you like the new doo. I am going to rock on out of here, and probably head to bed, because I am flipping exhausted.