Monday, October 09, 2006

The World According to Bo-Bo

So whats going on everyone. Ready for another action packed episode of D & D. I know I am. Lots of boring, mundane, and ridiculous things to uncover so lets get started.

Well I have official been a member of the Xbox Live family for 2 years, as of October 2nd. Because we know that caused my divorce and all (whatever). And this past Saturday I celebrated with an hour long conversation with my good European friend, Masta Chi3f.

With the Xbox 360 web cam. It was so neat. The picture quality was outstanding for chatting with someone across the great big Ocean. The most exciting thing is when he pulled out the american flag we sent him, and displayed it. He showed me his room with the cam, and it just gives you a feel for how cool it is that I may never really meet him in real life. But as long as there is Xbox, I got a friend I can see and hear now.

Lost started again last week. I loved it. I think they could walk around to the other side of the Island and find the shipwreck of the S.S. Minow and I would still love that show. (Okay, I would probably quit watching it if that had happened, but you get my drift.) I am still as confused as ever, but at least the first 5 minutes gave us a few clues, and it was kind of a little bit of Alias thrown in there too. (Strange commune out in the middle of nowhere designed to look like the suburbs.) Oh you are a sneaky little Devil J.J. Abrahams.

Another show I love this year, and this is a real big shocker. I thought the best new show this season for me was going to be Heroes. It turns out with every episode I keep getting more bored with it. My favorite show this season is Jerhico. If you have not started watching this show, then I suggest that you go to and watch the first three episodes right now.

The internet sure makes things alot easier. Wednesday nights I can only tape one show because I do not have a remote for my VCR, so I have to start taping when i leave for work, so that it tapes Lost, but because Jerhico is on another channel. But thinks to the web I can watch the show for free online, and get my fix.

This Wednesday i will be able to watch Lost and Jericho on the couch, because I am off. So I will watch both shows with my mom on Wednesday night.

Well my buddy Josiah has decided to run another role playing game. After our Saturday night role playing game, we are going to leave and go to someone elses apart and play into the later hours. The thing is we are playing a game from the 80, which is just hilarious. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and other strangeness. If you remember the cartoon and the movies, you know the basic Idea, that we are animals the get transfrmed into anaprmorphic animals. Ans my character is going to be a Cigar chomping, detective named Tiki ( Which is my favorite dog I have ever owned name, gosh I miss her.) Of course he is going to be male and his real name is going to be Tequila (Which is kind of funny becase Chow Yun Fat played a detective name Teuila in hard boiled, and the soon to be released video game Strangle Hold.)

I found even the coolest picture at deviant art for my character.

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I am still talking to the girl Misty. I am not sure where this is going. Like I have said before. But at least she likes me over the phone. I am still not convinced we are going to be compatable. I am trying to feel that out. But hey you never know I guess.

I know that she had a rough weekend. Her oldest Daughter got sick because of an unknown Alergy problem. She is having to give her 4 breathing treatments a day. But she is getting better. The youngest was funny the other night she talked to me for a few minutes on the phone. Then she went yelling for her sister, asking her if she wanted to talk to "Robin" on the phone. Who would have known I would rather be called Bo-Bo than Robin.

Bo-Bo has been my nickname for most of my coworkers to call me. At least that is the one they chose for me. And now Jesse knows it because I ran into my co worker last night at the grocery store. And she called me Bo-Bo. Ughh.. sometimes we just can not escape those horrible nicknames.

Oh and the other night some jackass called me Fat ass, when I was trying to walk across the street from Burger king to work. I mean I guess he got the wrong idea when I was carrying 2 bags of food, a large soda and a milk shake. It was not all for me... its was Torrie.. she is pregnant and has to eat every 15 minutes LOL. Oh well some people are assholes. What can I say beside that. I am fat, I deal with it everyday, so get over it.

Anyway, I have babbled on long enough. Have a good night