Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Quiet man Speaks

Sorry guys, been on a small hiatis. Weird work schedule throws off my writing schedule. But since I have a day off tomorrow, I thought I would spout off a little bit tonight.

So what have a been up to lately. Well if you have been reading my Xbox blog, you know I have been playing alot of Saints Row. I am having a blast with my Grand Theft Auto clone. But you guys do not come here for my views on the world of video games.

Also it seems that I have a little bit of a creative juice flowing. For the last three years i have had an idea for a novel. Think of it as Stephen King's Dark Tower, mixed with a little of the bible and divided by Lost

(Dark Tower + Bible)/ Lost= My novel

Well I had mentioned it to a friend (Josiah). I told him about it, and told him i thought about creating a role playing game around it. Then simply forgot about it. Well now I have brought it up again, and everyone seems very interesting in it. Friends are giving me ideas, and we kind of had a few improtu brainstormings.

It has now become a group effort. This may be the reason we as friend were all drawn in together, because we all contribute to it. So we are going to see how far we take this. I am not expecting to make any money off of it, but I have to say, if my friends are any indication of how popular this game could be then we could see something from it. Let you know more as this preggesses, but i have to admit when people tell me it sounds like a great concept, I feel like i have already accomplished something.

Friday night I got home from work around 12:30 am, and chatted online with one of the most beautiful women I have never met. She let me read some of her poetry, and it was damn good. We discussed how we as writers are our greatest critics. And its very true. She strokec my ego a little bit telling me that she thought I was a very talented writer. It felt good to hear that. Its the only thing I ever felt I was good at. I wish I was not so hard on myself. Evertime I put words to screen, I always feel i could do better.

But that you Beautiful Lady for your wonderful commentary Friday night, it made me feel a lot better.

On to other things. No news on my love life. It seems bank girl has went back to college, and is no longer working Tuesdays anymore. So who knows how often I will see her now.

Have not heard from Misty. I think our schedule were too conflicting. It happens, she has two kids and they should always be the focus in a parents life. But hey I am doing good, I want someone to share my life with, but I am living life as it comes.

Been watching Season 2 of Lost. I rented it from work. I have already seen every episode but I wanted to watch them all again before Season 3 starts. IN OCTOBER, what the hell are they thinking... I need my lost fix gosh dammit.

So I think I am going to get off of this computer, and watch me some Lost. I hope to speak to you guys real soon..