Monday, August 28, 2006

BKB (Bad Karma Backlash?)

Wow, do you ever have one of those days, that was my day yesterday. I had one of those days where you just could not please anyone. It started off in the first hour when this jackass comes in with a coupon for a free movie.

I have had trouble with this guy before. He is part of the online program our company offers. Every month they send you free movie coupons. Each ticket is individually coded, so if it has been used anywhere else, it flags the screen with the message, Coupon redemption not allowed, this item was used at the date, at this time, at this store.

He caused a scene the last time this happened, and I still refused the coupon. So here it is Sunday, and he is trying to use another coupon. And same thing, it pops up saying the same message, and says he used it on the 25th, at such and such time.

The only difference is with these coupons is they are from the coke rewards, and they work the same way. You print them off at home. You bring them in and we scan them. He basically flipped out and raised his voice towards me. I even turned the monitor and showed him the message. He goes on to tell me that I am the only one that ever gives him trouble. Blah blah blah... whatever, I dont care. I am not the one that runs off the same coupon twice, I am not saying he does it on purpose, but what ever. If I would have thought about it, I could have taken the coupon he brought in on Sunday and got the one out of the filing cabinet from friday and showed him the numbers were the same. But i am sure he would have said I used my "fat Boy" magic to change the numbers. Since he was already blamming it on me. (Are you sure you did not just scan it twice?) What i wanted to say was, Yes, I traveled back to friday and scanned the fucking coupon just to foil your attempts at a free movie...

If I had built a fucking time machine I think I would have used it for better uses. Like i don't... anything else. Maybe shoot your father so he could not even concieve your stupid ass. Out of all the sperm you were the smartest and the quickiest.

Then this was followed up by the famous, " Well if I did not put the DVD in the case, then why didn't you call me? I am not paying this."

Followed by my answer of, "Well if you had given us your correct phone number we could have." Okay not in that mean of a way, but I was not having a good day.

So then to go on to the conclusion for the day. I call my friends and let them know that, i am not showing up for the Sunday Night Game. (Role playing, not something super manly like sports) I leave work, and drop saturday nights deposit in the drop box.

Which gets jammed... Lord only Knows what the hell caused this. I am guessing ... Me. I did get the bag all the way in. I called my boss to let him know what happened. I worried all night beause there was nothing we could do. I was worried that someone could use there deposit box key, open it up but my fears were put to rest in the morning.

My phone rings, I jump out of bed to run into the kitchen. Where my bear foot slips on the carpeting. I am still not sure why my carpet this morning was like running on ice. My legs fly out from under me, my ass hits the floor, and it slides a few inches, just enough that my knee slides underneath the counter, causing me to incure a half moon shapped gash across my knee that bled for 15 minutes and hurts like hell.

It seems that the night box is so jammed that the have to call in a specialist to fix it. Yes, thats right. They can not get the thing open. And they have to call in a specialist to get it open. Luke thinks this is funny, and he and I have made a pact. That Bank girl is never to know that I am the idiot that broke the night deposit box.

So what the hell have i done, this al started last saturday when a bird shit on me. (Luckily it was mulberry, and not chuncky half disected worm) What have I done to get this bad karma backlash. I hope it goes away soon. Maybe its like that movie Failure to Launch... I am not right with nature because I refuse to do what has to be done. So nature is coming back at me. (Okay, so alot of this stuff is not nature, but just work with me here.)

Anyway on the love front. I did call that girl last week, talked to her for 45 minutes or so. And left it up to her to call me. She had a lot of stuff to do that weekend.. (Main thing was move because she just got divorced on Tuesday.)

I told Luke all this stuff, and he tells me to go for it. Usually if a girl has this much baggage then he is telling me to run the other way. But its like he is telling me to go for it.

She did call me back last night, and we talked for almost 2 hours. I am not getting my hopes up. I have not seen here, and i am not sure how I feel about abadnoing my great quest for someone I know I am attracted to. But I am at least talking to her.

The one good thing is that I was able to let some stuff go. I think Sarah's boyfriend threatening me was actually what I needed. It helped me let go, but letting me see the kind of person she really is. Every since then I have not missed her at all. It was like this cloud has been lifted off me. And even my friends have noticed I have been happier. I hope it stays this way. I have confidence that it will.

The funny thing is, that a couple of days before the threat. I asked the "angels" to help me get her off my mind. That I wanted to move on and not miss her. I am a little weirded out about how fast all that happened. Sure there was a threat of violence, but I am not sure I was ever in any real danger, my friends all told me they would be there for me. So it all worked out. And I am a happier peerson. And Sarah gets what she always wanted and she is a happier person...

Wow, sorry about the book I wrote you guys tonight. Just doing a little catching up. I will let you know more about the Misty situation as it develops, and also the bank girl situation.

I just hope I can dump this bad karma soon.