Friday, July 28, 2006


Do you ever have one of those days where everyone seems to be critical of you. Like no matter what you say, they will find fault with it. How many times on this blog have I said how much I respect women, love women, and defend women.

Yet Suddenly I find myself being attacked for something I said in a comment, with total fucking sarcasm. It was one of those little incidents from September between Pro-divorce and I.

This was the comment I had made, you can even go back and look at the comments for the last post of September and read it for yourself.

Divorced and Dealing said...
Yeah I have tried it before it was called marriage. After reading your blog to me it sounds like Audultry. But who cares right. In the end, women are nothing but slime right. Its not like feeling matter. I may be a loser but in the end, most women will remember me as a decent person. The women you know what even remember you

Now, even if you have not read my blog then you should see the seething sarcasm off that. And if you read my blog then you know I was not being serious. However I get my comments mailed to me, so this is the message I get from this person this morning.

divorced and dealing said:

After reading your blog to me it sounds like Audultry. But who cares right. In the end, women are nothing but slime right.

I see that the Treasurer for the Evansville Gaming Guild, that geekgrrl and animal lover Miss Jeri, has a new surname (she used to be married to a different Robert, also of E.G.G.) so it is possible for you gamers to find true love after a divorce in River City! But gosh, Robert, think of women as another "I" to recognize with joy rather than as "slime".

She basically thinks that I do not appreciate women, and I was mad about this so I hunted down this quote. And Realize that she not only forgot to include the rest of the quote, the part which seems to show the sarcasm. But then I check her page.

She has the comment she wrote me, On her page, making me look like some guy who treats women like shit. Not only that, she has no link to it. Plus anyone who is looking up info on the Evansville Gaming Guild will find it. So know everyone who goes to the guild, where I am well known may now think I am a jerk.

How is that fair to me. Here is the blog address to see for yourself. The Blog

Maybe I am being a little thin skinned about things, but if you are going to quote me, at least quote the entire thing.

And just last week I am at work with Jane Eyre. And I am up on a ladder changing some signs above the front counter. Jane Eyre and I always joke and cut up.

So I am up there on the ladder and this bastard comes in and asks for tree hugging Hippie. I told them she was not here. And we were trying to find out what this guys membership number. So JE was looking for the phone numbers to call another store, and this guy is going on about would it not just be easier to fill out a new account than to call. To me this sounded like someone trying to get out of paying a late charge.

I thought JE was going to walk over and do that. Instead she was walking over to the computer so when she made the call the she could just type the numbers in. I did not realize she had the phone, and told her to Call First.

Well this guy must have thought I was attacking her verbally. He looked up to me on the ladder. "So Are you the Manager."

I told him yeah.

"You know you should be alot nicer to the women around here. Are you married or have a girlfriend?"

I told him no, I was divorced.

"That Figures."

I told him excuse me, the reason I am divorced has nothing to do with the way I treat a women. You know nothing about me. At this time he knew he had pissed me off. So he apologized and said he was just kidding. Yeah, he was kidding my ass.

After he left, i was raw about the entire situation, and JE knew it. I wanted to jump off that ladder and beat the shit out of him it made me so raw.

So why do people think its there place to judge you for like the 5 minutes they know you, or judge by the first post they read on your blog?