Friday, July 07, 2006

If your Lonely Tonight...

Having one of those days, that nothing is going right. Actually its been a lot of those lately. Wednesday, bank girl did not work. So no chance at all to get the card to her. The more I think about it, the more stupid I feel. It is just not meant to be.

I went to see my mom today. We shipped a package to my buddy in England. A little taste of America. A t-shirt, some of my mom's no bake cookies, some little apple pies, and an American flag.

I bet we put in $20 worth of stuff. And it cost her $33 to ship it. How sad is that.

I did go to the library in my hometown, my mom wanted to see if they had "Alias" at the library. No luck, so she is still deciding if she is going to buy it. I myself am on the last 2 episodes of season 4.

After leaving the library, my car decided it wanted to be stubborn and not start. Seems like I am having more trouble with my battery cables. I may see if it starts tomorrow morning, and drive it over to Matt and Jeff's and see if Jeff can tighten the cable again for me. That's all the problem is. Its not getting a good connection to the terminal, I can actually twist the terminal around the post. It would start about half the time today, and the other times I would have to fiddle with it.

Not been getting much sleep lately. Weird dreams, nightmares even. It is hard to get back to sleep when you just had a dream that is very vivid, that you are awake and starring at your closet door, and you see A small reptilian being, with a large knife back up and then, the best way to describe it, he grabs a "zipper" and zips up reality like a tent flap. And disappears. Then suddenly I can move again. I take a large gasp of air.

Usually when I have Nightmares like this, When I wake up, something immediately always lets me know it was a dream. Like the door would be open more in real life, or the blinds were wide open in the dream, and closed when I woke up. But when I woke up this time, everything was the same, and to me it felt more like I did not wake up, as if I were released.

The next morning I look on my stomach while I am showering, because I feel a slight sting. I have a 9 inch cut, very shallow, but it had drew a little blood. Sort of like you would have if you cut yourself with a fingernail.

I have no fingernails, so I don't know how it got there. But this is not the first time it has happened. I did scratch myself with a pinky nail, (It was the sharpest nail I have, because it is the one I chew on the least.) It is not as deep, and I scratched myself as hard as I could. Its just odd. I don't think I was abducted by the aliens or anything.

Wow, I think that is the weirdest think I have confessed on this blog. It did bother me for a few days, but now it seems silly.

No wonder I am lonely tonight. Who could put up with my weirdness :)

Other than that, another boring week. There has not been any good 360 released lately, but next week we are getting two that look interesting to me.

As for the bank girl situation, I will give it one more chance on Tuesday. I also plan on cleaning up my apartment on Monday. Maybe that is what is holding fate back... That if she is interested in me, and wants to hang out... How can I explain that my apartment looks like World war 3 happened in my living room.

But come on.. I am being way to hopeful in that aspect. I mean I can not even get a girl to talk to me long enough online to actually ask her on a date lately. But then again, if Bank girl was to think I was attractive (lol) then she already knows I am gorgeous.

I have to hold in fate that my tarot reading tells me to let go of an old love, and that a new one will be joining me soon.

But man, who the hell wants to date a guy who is: Broke, poor, has a car that only starts half the time, and is not exactly a neat housekeeper. Yeah, i know I am a treasure to behold.

Good Bye