Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I am such an idiot

So there I am at the bank this morning, talking to bank girl. She is telling me that she had a good weekend, but it went by really fast. I notice she has a band aid on her finger which I ask about, being the concerned guy that I am.

She tells me it is just a small cut, nothing major, she just wanted to cover it because of being around "dirty money"

She then tells me that she got a scanner from her aunt. Her aunt could not get it to work. So she took it and said she got it to work. It scanned her picture, but she had no idea where it went. I told her that happens and the back of my head was screaming "Give her your phone number you idiot, so she can call you if she needs help with something. You know simple things about computers."

Why didnt I listen. I froze thats why. I could not form words with my mouth. My brain was trying to cram "do it", and "wait what are you thinking" through my mouth at the same time.

I listen to her go on about it. ( I was listening intently.) I told her that i rarely use my computer scanner. She then tells me that she would use hers because she does not have a digital camera.

All i have to say, is how am i ever going to get another oppurtunity to give her my phone number so easily. At this point I think someone could tell me that she has no boyfriend, and i would still freze up. I am sure one of lifes winners.

Because what i really want to say is this.

"I know only a little bit about you, but everytime I come in here and see you smile. I loose a part of my soul that breaks off and journeys off with a piece of your smile. In my heart they wander taking in all the sights of love and hope and dance on the smell of roses and chocolates. And before my mind catches up to the fact that I have yet to ask you out, my soul takes that sweet smile on its lips in an embrace that changes my life, changes sadness to hope, despair to love, and the touch of healing to my damaged heart. Make my soul whole again, for if you can't then it shall surely rot in the depths of despair that I have cast it to."

Or you know something like that.

Instead I end the conversation with, "Well congratulations on the printer." And end it with Have a nice day. (Which we both said at the exact same time)


Why do I make things this difficult

Oh well 6/6/6 is almost over. Maybe I can leave it with some of my sanity left.