Sunday, June 04, 2006

One of Those Weeks

Yes I had one of those weeks.

I manage to anger one of my friends with something I misquoted in my blog. Seems there was a little misunderstanding in what was going on, I took down the offense post. I left out things, not on purpose, but stuff that I took out of context and it made it sound like a more negative situation than it really should have came across as. We have yet to have a discussion about it all. But things seems fine between us right now, but I know we are still going to have to have that talk. I think the only reason we did not get a chance to talk it out was because I was having such a bad weekend.

My good friend Josiah got fired. It seems that some of his co-workers reported to the higher ups that he was an ass hole toward them. So they fired him. He was annoyed, he was fired because he would get angry because no one was doing their jobs.

But the Universe has way of taking care of ass holes like Josiah (LOL). Yes you see the next day he gets a job making 3000 more a year, plus better benefits. So you see just like I always say, the bigger the asshole the better the job. Or maybe it is what Jesse says, "No good dead goes unpunished"

So how did my weekend go. Lets see, Saturday morning I get up to go to work. Walk out to the car, put my key in the ignition. And turn, nothing, zip zilch nada. I instantly go into panic mode.

I call lukrativ because I knew he could give me a ride to work, since he had to be there anyway. I thought maybe I had left a door open or something (Because I did have to get laundry out of my car Friday night.) And figured someone seen my door was open and closed it for me.

I get to work, and getting ready to count down the drawers when I knock one in the floor, change flies everywhere. I think even 2 coin rolls burst. At this time I was ready to cry. It was not a good moment for me.

Luke and I drove over to the bank, because afterwards we were going to run and get donuts down the street. Luke lets me go into the bank. I look around, and no bank girl.

Then I see she is in the drive thru. Oh well no way to talk to her today. I look over toward her, as the other girl is waiting on me. Then She turns around in the little room for the drive thru. Sees me, Smiles real big and Says "Hi".

I instantly melt, its like one of those swooning things that characters do in a comic book. I get a big green and wave. She smiles and turns back around. It won't be too much longer till I ask her out. I am just a bundle of nerves, there is just something she does to me, and I have no clue what it is.

I did also talk to her a little bit on Tuesday. I found out she is 23 years old, maybe 2. She seems really reliable, she had the same job she had before the bank for 6 and a half years. And she has worked here in the bank since about October. (Funny little coincidence, that is about the same time I got moved to the store I am working at right now.) She even recalled where I had worked before from a conversation we had about a 2 months ago.

Lukrativ thinks she may be interested in me, basically they are supposed to be nice to everyone, but he said the fact that she did not have to say anything to me from across the room. I am not getting my hopes up.

Anyway back to the car. At that point seeing her Saturday, you could have told me I was dying of cancer and I would have had a smile on my face for at least an hour.

Tent sale went good, Jeff picked me up from work, took me home, and we jumped my car. I turned the engine off, and turned it back on... Nothing. We jumped it again and drove it across town. I turned the engine off at there house... turned it back on.. nothing.

Well we could not do anything at that point. We all had places to be, I rode with Josiah to our game. While Matt, Jeff and Phil went to an Evansville Otters Baseball game.

Afterward, we took my car battery down to Auto Zone to get it tested. By this time I had heard ever horror story imaginable about what could be wrong with my car. I heard altenator stories, I heard electric wiring stories. No one would tell me it could be something simple.

They test the battery, and much to my dismay, the battery was fine. He did however say the that batter was in a 4p. Piss Poor Proper Procedure. Translation, someone did not take a very good car of the battery.

He said one of the terminals looked pretty burnt. So he used a wire brush to remove some of the corrosion. He acted like this battery had survived war somewhere, to me it did not look all that bad. So when he told me to go home and try it again. I did not hold out much hope.

I knew it was something worse. So we got back to Matt and Jeff's. Jeff cleaned off the terminal connectors on my car, scraping the inside of them out. He said he even had to tighten the connectr on the positive side because it had been really loose.

He jumped me again. Let it run for 10 minutes. I just knew that it was not going to start. I had pretty much given up hope. So I turned off the engine. And turned it again. It fired right up. I let it run a little while longer. Turned it off, and fired it up three more times. Each time it started without a problem.

I drove it home, set my alarm clock for 5 in the morning. I was still pretty paranoid. I woke up at three. I went out and started it again.. it turned over. Got up again at 5, and again it started up. Got up again at 7 and started up again. Got rteady for work, and left.

So I am sitting at the gas station. in the pouring rain, I just filled up my gas tank. Now i kow from experience, Rob's law say this. If your vehicle is going to die on you, it will be right after you filled up the tank, or in the middle of a rainstorm. So i knew when I got back into my car, with a full tank of gas, and a rainstorm, there was no way in God's green earth that it would start.

For Once I was wrong, it started up fine. And Knock on Wood (or me) (OH Yea, Bank Girl Thinks that is funny when I say that) it is okay. It ran all night tonight.

So maybe the weekend did not turn out so bad after all. Because even though I had car troubles, it may have just been a simple bit of maitence took care of the problem.

Jeff, your my hero. LOL

Well good night guys, off tomorrow, and then Tuesday is another bank girl day. THH thought it was funny when I told her about the smile from bank girl. She said that the way I acted was like a man who converted back to a seven year old because I giggled when i described how that smile made me feel..

I hope BG never comes acrosss this blog, cause I sign like a drivingly idiot. Oh well, sorry for the long post. Everyone have a good night.