Monday, May 29, 2006

I Hate Guys like You (My second post of today)

So i worked with Jane Eyre again on Friday. And somehow the bank girl was brought up. See Lukrativ and I each have a bank girl we have a thing for. Jane Eyre brought it up becuase she knew I was crushing on a girl over there.

This somehow ended up being a lecture. I told her of my lack of courage and how I am working it up by talking to her, because lets face it, a man you know nothing about asking you out can be kind of scary in this day and age.

She got mad at me because there was a guy she liked in high school, who she heard liked her also. Well he never had the courage to ask her out, and she is old fashion, she wants the guy to ask her out. So now she has graduated, this guy has never asked her out, and she is a little bitter about it.

"I hate guys like you." She told me that if you like someone you ask them out, grow a pair and ask them out. I think she even used that exact phrase. But in my defense, i tried to explain that I know little about her, and that I still do not know if she has a boyfriend. At least this guy was told by mutual friends that they had a thing for each other.

If one of the other girls had told me that bank girl liked me, then I would ask her out that day. That simple, its the rejection that I dont like to deal with. I guess we have to deal with it at some point.

I also got a little look into the female mind. She told me that I am way to nice. Women see nices guys are good friends. If you are too nice they tend to use you. And they see you as nothing more than friendship material. Great so now I am going to be in the friend zone with everygirl i date because I am chronicly nice. See women are just fucked in the head sometimes.

I also told her I also have trouble becuase I have a self confidence issue about my looks. She told me that I have to get them to see through that. You have something to offer a women, you just have to find out what it is.

Around here its money or looks, and well frankly I don't much of either.

Then comes Saturday. I get a response from a girl off yahoo personals. Not justa girl, but a girl that probably does not weigh more than 150 if you look at her picture. She sends me a stock message, I liked your profile, how do you like to be contacted.

is she blind. I have pictures of myself on the profile. Do I look like the kind of guy that slender, gorgeous women flock too. Then I looked at her picture, and figured it out. She looks kind of Italian. Those women see fat guys as sexy cause of the mob. I cant date this girl, her uncle is going to have me fitted for concrete shoes. I dont need Tony Soprano breaking my legs.

Also she likes adventre in her life. Look at me do I look like an adventure. I get sweaty watching nature channels on tv. Adventure for me is throing Tomb Raider in the 360. I can't swim, i dont run, and I sure as hell dont ride roller coasters.

So I am not sure what she seen in me. But I sent a message now just to se if she has come to her senses and not respond anymore. Besides Slender aint my thing. I am not saying I could not live with it, but man I am afraid a girl like this could kill me.

Well maybe I can have a good conversation with bank girl tomorrow, and I will actually get to see her on tuesday as well, but we shall have to see.

Goodnight all.