Monday, May 15, 2006

Another Year Come and Gone

Today was another of those birthday things. Yeah they use to to be a lot more exciting then they are now. I was almost guaranteed Sex on this day, I use to get something I wanted. But for the single guy, its kind of a drag.

I started the day out by cleaning the apartment up, so I could get the recliner Matt and Jeff were giving me. I need to get some Carpet fresh so I ran down the the street to the dollar general store.

On the way home, I passed a cop going 14 miles over the speed limit. He was an unmarked car. I suddenly felt my entire day going bad. He asked for license and registration and proof of insurance.

He was in his car for a long time. I knew he was writing me up a ticket. Just one more thing to make me fret over. Rising insurance, paying for a ticket, stuff I just really can not afford.

It was my fault I know. I was just in a hurry to get home so I could relax. So he comes up to the side of my car. The whole time I am thinking that this cop is going to be an ass and give me a ticket on my birthday.

instead I lucked out. He handed me my information back, and explained to me he was giving me a written warning. It seems that for my Birthday God gave me a gift of a break. Seems the EPD got new radar guns, and they have to spend 30 hours testing them before they can actually right tickets.

Thank You Dear Lord. I really appreciate that. Also he pointed out that my drivers license expires today. So I needed to go to the BMV and renew it. This is where my luck runs out. The BMV is not opened on Mondays. So its going to cost me more because I did not realize it expired today. If I knows that I would have gotten it renewed on Friday or Saturday.

Oh well. I just hope I do not have to take that stupid test again. Oh well tomorrow is my last day at work until Sunday. I have absolutely nothing planed to do.

And this fall I am going of DDR Diet. I found something that I could enjoy doing and it is good exercise. Dance Dance Revolution Universe is coming to the Xbox 360. And I hear alot of succsess stories about people loosing weight doing it. (A girl lost over 100 pounds playing it.)

I was telling the Jane Eyer (Nickname for the new girl since she is in love with romantic period pieces) this, and she laughed because it is a well known fact that when the store is empty I will dance across the wooden floor to what ever happens to be playing. ( I am especially Noturious for dancing to "Dancing Queen") (Yes i am still very much straight)

I figured DDr on the 360 would keep me motivated since I can play online with Others. Some how I feel like this is the way for me to go. And once I build up my cardiovascular system i will be able to go jogging in the evenings.

I thought if I could get down to 200 I don't think I will have trouble getting the attention of women, and I would be so much healthier. It is just a thought. But I think it is a good idea. The biggest problem is waitng til probably november to get the game. I wish they would bring it out a little sooner. I may buy it on PS2 to get a little practice.

Anyway let me know what you think.