Friday, April 28, 2006

Breakdowns, the help, and a rant about the NINTENDO piss.. I mean wii

Well how is everyone doing. I have not written much lately. I had run out of valuable stuff to say. Its more that than my Xbox 360, I play it alot still, but nothing exciting is really going on with me.

We hired a friend of Ray o Sunshine to work at our store. And it is funny cause it is the same girl that Ray-o-sunshine joked around with me about if I thought she was cute. I still dont have a nickname for her yet, so i will have to keep working on that. But no worries, unlike other people I know, i am not hitting on co-workers or doing anything to make them uncomfortable, she is 11 years younger than me and has not graduated high school yet. (This apparently has not stopped other people I have worked with in the past)

I had a crying spell last night after I got off work. I just had a moment of totally lonliness, and wishing that my ex wife and I could have worked things out. It has been a year and I hate that I still have these spells. I wonder sometimes if she has that same feeling, if she regrets it. I have not a spell like that in 2 months, so i guess I was due for one.

No prospects on the dating front. Everyone thinks I took the entire thing with bank girl a little harsh, and maybe I did. But I really doubt I could ask her out, I am just not good at it. And there is this mental block that just keeps from doing something dangerous like that. Okay not dangerous, but risky. I am not even sure its a confidence thing, because the fact is, I have never really gone out with a girl and her turn me down for a second date if i asked. But I just have a hard time with the risk taking aspect, and the embarrasment. So its easier for me to find women online. So I guess if i knew Bank Girl was looking, and single it would have helped.

On to the Xbox 360 front. I love Battlefield 2: Modern Combat. PC players scoff at how this console version of battlefield could even be fun compared to the pc. Well maybe I love it cause I never played the pc version. But I have never been a PC gamer.

Nintendo gave the final name for its new system, the Nintendo Wii (prounouced WE) and all I have to say is that has got to be an even dumber name then the Xbox 360. Yes they explain why they are calling it this, something about connectivity and blah blah blah. I was planning on gettting one after it was released, but unfortanately it is not worth it now. Its only a little more powerful than a the current generation Game Cube, the controller is the dumbest idea ever for a video game system, and it only connects to the internet wirelessly. I dont have a wireless connection, and i am not spending the money to go wirelessly because it can cuase drop outs in the middle of a game. I cant have a game of Battlefield dropping me out and loosing my scare every hour for no reason.

Yeah I gues there are good wireless connection, but friends of mine have a wireless connection and I hear this every weekend.. Opps I lost connection the the internet, I cant find where it is connected, oh let me reconfigure this.. o there we go. Nope to much work. Nintendo has lost my business... I dont care how cheap the system is, if I cant get the most bang for my buck, then screw em.. how hard would it have been to include an ethernet connection on the back of the fucking system..

Well Rant over,

Have a good day, and make sure to visit my Xbox 360 blog as it tells all kind of stories about me.