Monday, April 03, 2006

Okay I sit here tongiht, nervous. I am trying to go through asking out bank girl. I have taken alot of peoples advice, and put together a conclusion.. I am a big ole' pussy.

I made out a little card with my name and phone number o it. I can drop it off to her and ask her to call me. I just dont think i am going to e able to do anything. I am so nervous. I am sitting here shaking. I am tweeking out, ack...

I can not figure out why this girl I know truly nothing about is making me feel this way. It defies the laws of chemistry. I dont get it. It cant be love, maybe is fucking phermones, i dont know. Maybe she does think i am cute and she gets worked up when she sees me and i get worked up because of that. I am literally chewing on my fist right now as I type this. I only ge nervous like this before dates, this is really unlike me.

Its like part of me wants to ask her out so bad, and the other part does not want to be rejected and they are at war with each other. Its not fair I tell you. Right now If I were a betting man, I am going to say the safe bet would be that i am going to chicken out.

So I pray to God for Guidance as always. I ask those of you who pray to also do the same.

Good Night
Chicken McFraidycat