Friday, March 17, 2006

A walk to Remember

I stayed up why to late last night, watching another damn chic flick. And yes when it was over, I did cry. I can't help it... Its what I do. That and whatever else it is I do.

All I know is I never realized that the book for this movie was written by Nicholas Sparks. I may just have to pick up and read his novels because the man knows how to tell a good love story that ends up in some god awful tragedy.

Hell maybe I can have him write my Biography.

Yes, I cry at chic flicks, so what? I am sure my friends will make fun of me, who cares. I am sure pro divorce or Lukrative will call me a pussy. Whatever. I am who I am. A sensitive caring person.

Its in my nature to be a care giver. I am a compassionate human being. Who has the capacity to love and care for something other than himself. I may be a little selfish every now and then, but I would hope that my good would outweigh my bad.

So I cry at chic flicks, its what I do.

Good night