Tuesday, March 07, 2006

"#%&*" I am sick Again

I am feeling worse and not better today. I think it was the little walk I took yesterday. It was chilly, and I was still sick. Usually does not make for a good combination. Ben asked why I was getting sick all the time. I tink heartbreak keeps you from gettting better. Its like the body refuses to live. Reminds me of the south Park episode where Kyle gives up on life because Cartman is getting everything he wants, so he has a hemmeroid that almost kills him.

Ahem, again that last statement about a pain in the ass slowly killing me, is not directed at Sarah

I thought at first that I was getting better, and last night Ray-o-Sunshine said that I was starting to sound worse. Well this morning my head seems even more clogged up. I am tired, and I tried to lay down again. Nope. Nothing. Cant sleep.

I found out from Sarah, that Buster has to go to the vet tonight. It seems he is having more and more trouble with his hips. She said he will just start crying for no reason, and if you try to touch him he bites you. Poor little Buster. He is only 6, he was the only thing my wife wanted when we got back from the honeymoon. I hope he will be okay. I dont what would happen to her if something happened to him.

I got asked out on a date. This was a girl I dated awhile back. Okay we went on one date, but she thought I was kind of cute. I think the reason it did not work out before was several reasons. Number 1 being, that I was not even divorced yet. I knew that this relationship would have been more serious, and I was still under the disillision that Sarah still loved me and could not admit it to herself. She was going to be back.

There was sexual tension there. I just knew that if I were to get mixed up in a relationship, and Sarah "came to her senses", then I would have to hurt some ones feeling. Another reason is that she lives in OWensboro, and it is a very long drive to there. Like 45 minutes or so.

I told her we would go out soon. But right now I am getting sick, and besides I am very broke at the moment.

Lukrativ asked if I wanted to go to Indy with him when he went up to see Phil (Not "Replacemnt Rob" Phil). I declined. He told me I would have fun, and i explained his type of fun and my type of fun are 2 different things. He seems to think that i never have any fun. Its not true. I have all kinds of fun on the weekends. It just never really has to do with Strip Clubs and Booze.

My friends have noticed a change over me in the last couple of weeks. They said I seem happier. "Replacement Rob" (Phil), even said that to me last week. I do not necessarily feel happier, but maybe I have just gotten better at hiding my misery.Its a good thing heart break can't kill you on its own.

Another funny story to tell about this weekend. This one involves Me and Phil. The reason they call Phil "replacement Rob" is because me and him are alot a like in many aspects. He is divorced, and he also has been known to do stupid things also. (But not swallow coke tabs, thats all me.)

JArrod is sitting between us on the couch Sunday Night. Phil is holding one of those lighters, the kind you use to light a grill or a burner on a stove, or I guess even a candle.

Phil is just watching the flame, he keeps lighting it and turning off... Like a little kid playing with fire. Jarrod suddenly has concerns of Phil burning down Matt and Jeff's house. So he takes it way from Phil. And tried to hand it it me. he then relaizes he is just handing it to another person who is just as liable to burn down the place.

"Gosh Dammit, Someone take this thing before these two burn down the house." No one trusts me with anthing anymore. I mean you suck pepper up your nose twice in one day, all because you are trying to show them how you manage to do it the first time. And suddenyl there are seating arrangements made for you by the time you get to the restaraunt, with the salt, pepper, and sugar packets at the other end of the table.

Oh well.

If you would like to hear all the crazy stuff that goes on from another point of view. Then You should visit my new blog, where I am trying to make everyone we hang out with on the weekend a team memeber.

It is called therobwedidnotwant.blogspot.com

We will see if they actually all join.