Friday, February 24, 2006

Online Predator

Okay, I think I have figured out my internet dating problem. I have been trying to narrow it down, and I think I came to a conclusion. It can not be so much a looks thing, because if they talk to you more than twice after viewing pictures you have placed online, then they are not exactly turned off by your looks. Its not my sexual prowess, because lets face it, since my divorce its not even come to the forefront. But for some reason I scare women off.

I figured it out one night while watching television. I come off as an online predator. This commercial warning kids to be safe online comes on. This girl is like 14 and she is saying stuff like, he listens to the same music I do, he likes the same music. And then it flashes to some guy in his thirties. Saying, I tell them I like their music, I like those types of movies.

So because I am a guy who like chic flics, Champaign over beer, and I don’t mind if they have children. Somehow that makes me some kind of weird, psychological pedophile. Could this be it.

Or could Lukrativ be right. Women want to be mistreated, do they want to be slapped around and put into there place. Do they want the bad guy, with checkered past. Steals them blind. Cant hold down a job, drink all the time. Lukrativ tells me that women do not want to be treated right. I really disagree with that.

Some women do have a breaking point, they may give second chances, but they eventual figure it out.

Maybe I am flawed, maybe my way of trying to be a good guy is old fashioned. It has not worked for me since Sarah walked out. It did not even keep Sarah here for long. But I could probably guess that beating her would not have made her stay any longer. So I think Lukrativ is flawed in his point.

On to other things. Me and Lukrativ have another disagreement. The girl at the bank. I had told him a few days before that I had thought this girl at the bank was cute. I was not sure of her name at the time. Well On waited in her line this past Tuesday. So I did get her name. Lukrativ went to the bank Wednesday, and did the same. We both came up with the same name. But here is the discrepancy. Lukrativ says she is wearing a ring.

I seen no ring on Tuesday, but then again maybe she has a guy who proposed to her on Valentines day and she had to get the ring resized. Or Lukrativ seen the she was wearing a ring on the finger closest to the thumb and did not put two and two together. I seen no ring on the "I am taken" finger.

If there is a ring then she is off limits, I am not going to try to take someone's "only reason to get out of bed in the morning". I know what that feels like. I would never hurt someone else like that. But we shall have to see. Number one if I can try to strike up a casual conversation with her, that is my next objective.

How am I going to do this. By watching how the men flirt with "Tree Hugging Hippie" tonight. Subtle and sweet is the best way to go. Oh yeah and to get over this freaking cold. But I do have a three day weekend to get over it. Then I have to manipulate myself to be in her line on Tuesday. Yeah its a long shot.

I feel much better today. I got some medicine last night, and I am feeling a lot better today. So I am hoping to be in top form by tomorrow, so I can hang out with everyone when they get back from Patti's Restaurant.

Josiah called me this morning giving me hell for not going. But I had to explain to him why, and blah, blah, blah.

I am not sure when I will write again. May not be until Monday. I hope everyone has a safe fun weekend. Audrey, have a berry martini for me. Everyone else, Later


PS Also I have some news. If you type Dealing with Divorce i an MSN search engine, I am the last on the list of the first page, out of 27,650 page. Now if I could only arrive there on google, then my page would be really hopping.