Saturday, February 11, 2006

I Want a Beer as Cold as My Ex-wife's Heart (Suprisingly this post is not about Sarah)

So the the other day I was looking through my stat counter. I see all kinds of returning visitors, that never leave messages. There is someone in Lansing, Michigan who is facinated by this site. Which is funny because my Dad was from somewhere around Lansing. Also I have a person from Canada who visits this blog often.

But I also enjoy the paths that people take to get to my blog. Stat counter lets me see what people were searching for. "I Want a Beer as Cold as My Ex-wife's Heart" was one such search.

I am not sure that I have ever used the phrase, but if you type it in a MSN search engine... it can possibly bring you here. I have also had people come to this blog looking for "Pics of Racheal McAdams Naked." I only wish I had those photos myself, and i would probably just keep them to myself, for ummm.... nevermind.

People come to my page for divorce stuff all the time. How to keep custody of kids, what paperwork they should file. But alass I have nothing to offer. I do get the occasional person who wanders in, to "figure out if his spouse is cheating"

I also have had people from 20th Century Fox visit my blog. I was hoping I was going to get a contract for a show based on my miserable life. I mean come on, i have a shot... "The War at home" still has a time slot.

So i ask you... constant readers. How did you find my blog, for some of you I already know the answers, But I want to hear it again. And what made you continue to read.

Anyway, that is all. I hope you guys have a great day.