Friday, February 03, 2006


Well I sent an email off to Josiah last night, i am postponing hetero night for a week. Or maybe at least tomorrow night, but I am think about just waiting til next Saturday.

Not out of fear or anything, i just am drained. Emotionally, Financially, Physically. My apartment is a pig sty. I go from happy to sad in 2.3 seconds, for no apparant reason. And I think I am getting sick... again. And I have laundry to do early tomorrow at my mother's apartment.

Next week i will be able to actually buy my own drinks and have a good time, this week I would be more of a bum anyway. I hate feeling like a bum. I never felt like I was a bum before. But every week I do, people buy me lunch or bring stuff for us all to eat. Hell even Jarrod does not have a job and he is all the time baking and cooking stuff he brings over.

I got excited the other night because I found a 5lb bag of fries for $2.09. Succsess!

I hate the wearther we are having here, its miserable. It will be warm one day, then it will rain and be freezing the next. Other than that, life sucks. :) But I live it everyday with a smile on my face, or at least a sarcastic expression of distaste.

I stayed up late last night to watch Just Like Heaven. I found it very good, and actually heart warming. Then this morning I watched the movie Elizabeth Town, and it was depressing up until the last part of the movie. I wont give anything away.

Elizabethtown reminds me of the reason that I do not associate with my hick family memebers. Well that and besides they ripped my mom off and none of them deserve the pleasure of my company anyway. Bastards.

I was opening up some of my word files last night to see if they were okay. I heard there was a worm virus that destroys all your files like movies and text documents. Everything was good. But in the process I ran across a letter I had written to Sarah 9 days before she moved out, begging for forgivness.

I thought about posting it later today. I twill be a very long post, it was a three page letter. I had no idea when I gave her the letter she was thinking of leaving me for the Weasal.

I even gave her flowers with it. And those flowers sat and turned brown in the upstairs bath room for almost a month, because even after she left... I could not throw them away. I think I will post the letter.

So I am going to sign off, everyone have a good day.