Monday, January 23, 2006

Some People

My car was broken into last night. It seems Matt and Jeff's house has become a hot spot for crime. Okay technically my car was not broken into, since I left it unlocked. I leave it unlocked because if they are going to take anything out of my car,I would rather them not break my window to do so. (Like jarrod's car)

I have yet to discover if they took anything. I mean what the hell can they take that I have left anyway. I am just glad they left my Exalted role playing Books. I spent alot of money on those after 5 years.

We think we have an idea who is doing it. I mean ther was no problem until these people moved into the neighborhood. Maybe I need to put a sign on my car, DIVORCED: CAR CONTAINS NOTHING OF VALUE.

Someone came to the door to tell us that my inside lights were on inside the car. Of course she was one of the believed culprits. Well they did not want my atery to run down, and I am glad for that at least.

Why can people just not leave peoples stuff alone. I barley make enough money to live on some weeks, and I have people trying to steal my stuff. If you have a crack habit, go sell your body like every other crack head and leave my fucking shit alone.

Sorry rant over.