Saturday, January 21, 2006

Damsel in Distress

Hopefully you listened to my last audioblog, or this may not make any sense to you.

I am exhausted, all i wanted to do was last night was get to my moms apartment, and go to sleep. But instead i did not get to my moms til about 4 AM. In fact it is where i am writing this post from.

I am getting sick again. I was starting to fill better, I had taken my coat off when i stopped to see my friend at his work. It was pretty warm here last night. but the tempature had started to really drop by the time i left ben's job. The wind had picked up.

When I found the damsil in distress, she was crying, and freezing. I handed her my coat and told her to put it on. I helped her move her car, went and got her gas, twice. And drove her to 5 different places in Henderson.

I am thankful I am the one that ran across her. there is no telling what could have happened to her. many men would take advantage of a young women all alone. In fact it seemed like no one who knew her even seemed to really care for her. her mom was not concerend that some stranger was driving her all over town. her Friend (she said ex boyfriend) did not care that she was stranded in his car.

She just seemed to be another one of the lost souls of the world. I felt sorry fotr her, 17 years old and she told me that she feels no one cares about her. The thing is she was attractive, young and it seemed like her family had money, but she said she wasted her life with a guy that strung her along. if only she were a couple of years older, it might have been the story of true love. Imagine telling your grandkids that you met thier grandfather when her ex boyfriends car ran out of gas. Oh that would be a story LOL

I dropped her off last night she gave me a big hug, and thanked me tremendously. Gave my coat back, and told me that i was the nicest guy she had ever met. I felt really good last night. I always feel good when i help people. or maybe i have always been a sucker for a women with tears in her eyes.

So i got for my trouble:
1. A big hug
2. Told i was the nicest guy in the world
3. And a worse cold

oh well 2 out of three aint bad.