Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Story of Keely Part One (Warning contains Sex, violence, and the first love of my life)

Okay so I noticed that I skip over alot of my life. To understand who i really am, and where I came from we need to go back to before Sarah. We need to go back to my 'first". I thought I would lay off complaining about Sarah for once, well maybe a little less.

I want to introduce you to my first heartbreak, my first love, my first kiss, and my first experience with sex. If you guys think Sarah is bad, you never met Keely. Keely was what someone would call a liberal sex machine. And that was my downfall.

I was 20 years old. I had just gotten my first computer, a used one that I bought from a co-worker. I I was finally online with my 56k modem (hey it was 1997). And i found a website called yahoo. And back in 1997 yahoo had a free personals site. Oh love was so much easier to find when it is free.

So I came across a girl who went to my high school. No picture, but she basically told her name in her yahoo profile. So i looked her up in a year book. She had very short hair, so would say boderline "dyke" haircut. She was a big girl. I never thought she was ugly, but I had no dealings with her in high school, none.

Needless to say, I sent her off a message. And she responded back. We had a pretty good chemistry in our emails. So i left her with my phone number and told her to call me. Anytime during the night if she wanted to chat.

I am not sure about the actual date, but the night she called me, my parents were camping. In fact I had a dream that she called me, right before she actually did.

We talked til somewhere around 5:30 am. Close to like 5.5 hours. I should have know better. During our first conversation she told me she liked sex. But told me no fear because she was not a virgin conquerer.

Well needless to say I learned a lot about her that night. I learned that she had benn engaged to a guy who beat her up so bad that her nose was a floating fraction. (I am not sure if this is true, but I am just telling you what she told me) She was alos in an on again off again relationship with the guy that her parents wanted her to marry. We shall call him Chuck.

In my defense, she told me she had broken it off with Chuck, and that he was still bothering her. She said she wanted for him to date other people and leave her alone. So she was looking to date other guys. And somehow I fell into this category.

No you have to think back to 1997 Robert. I had been out of high school for 2 years, never dated anyone, never kissed a girl. I was afraid of even talking to women. Okay so i am still a little bit like that But I had no confidence in myself, i found myself to be the ugliest thing in the Universe.

I have to thank Keely for fixing that. She came into my work one night, a little bit past halloween. I worked at KB toys, and I just remember that we had Christmas decorations. And this girl walks in, that I did not recognize. Asking about our collection of die cast toy ambulances. (something Keely had told me she collected.)

I kept looking at her, when she told me, "you know who I am right." I told her of course. We talked for a little bit and she left. I liked what i had seen. Alot different than the pictures from the yearbook.

We talked a few more times, and I invited her over one night. She met my parents and we went and hung out in my room. I just remember her sitting on my bed talking with me. When we started talking about kissing, and I told her i had never even kissed a girl. She just looked flabergasted.

You are not bad looking at all, why are you afraid girls would not like you. She then kissed me, and why world spun out of control. You never forget your first kiss, and I never forgot it. Then she dared me to kiss her. After about 30 seconds, I went for it.

Life was good. Everything fell into place, then some things started to fall out of place. I told her that night on the phone after she left that I thought I was falling for her. She told me she felt the same way.She said she liked me for who i was, that I was this wonderful person, that treated her like she mattered.

She came over more often, we "fooled around" (Use your imagination I am not going into details here :) }Then came up the subject of Chuck. It seemed that she was still going out on dates with Chuck again to appease her parents. She would leave my house, and go to Chuck's.

Well Chuck found out about me. Keely had told him about me. Well he was angry, and jealous. He tried everything to win her back after that. Then one night he actually followed her when I was out with all my friends and her.

We had went bowling, and he was an EMT in Evansville. Well Kristen, Ben, Johnny, Keely an I went bowling. Keely had lightning fast reflexes. Ben found out, I made some kind of smart aleck comment about Ben and he tried to throw a shoe at me (Who throws a shoe, Honestly) She reached out and caught it, before it smacked me in the face.

He told her later that he watched us for awhile and said it looked like you all were having fun. Thats when the crazy bastard started stalking me. Or at least that is what i was told.

One day while working at KB toys i went to the back for a lunch break. Supposedly while I was back there, Chuck came in and asked for me. Wil swears this happened, and the Ambulance drove thru there all the time. I nver seen him, so I think Wil was playing a joke on me.

At this point I got a little nervous. I thought Keely had called it quits with him, and I was worried about retaliation. So I went to the muscle. Mike, well technically Mike was not the muscle but he knew the muscle. One thing I did not factor in, because I just did not know, was Chuck had dated Mike's sister.

So I come home from work one night, about a half hour later, she called screaming at me. It seems that someone called Chuck, and told him that he better leave me alone. That this was shameful behavior. Well he happened to be out with Keely at dinner, with both there families at the time. Talk about bad timing.

Keely was angry about me going to someone about all this. Drama is all I can say, she told me she never wanted to talk to me again. Well I was confused about the entire situation and I blamed the wrong person, BEN.

Ben always had a way of sticking his nose in my love life. Calling girls I liked, or having his sister do it. Well since it was a female that had called, guess who I blamed, Ben's sister. So I drove down to Wal mart where ben worked at the time (he had more jobs and came back since then) I yelled at him in the store I was so angry. I told him he fucked this up. Yeah again, something to really mess up huh.

I got calmed down, and no longer felt like killing him, Mikes wife had stepped in and told us to go outside.

The next morning Mike showed up at the house. He had told me he was the one that had his sister call. To protect "Bubba" (Me) his family would do anything. I went to Wal mart and appolgized to Ben. I have felt guilty about that ever since.

She called back, the next night telling me she was sorry about the way she reacted, she told me she ended things with Chuck. And after that we seemed to be in a different relationship, she was calling and coming over more, and I felt like I really had a girlfriend for the first time.

Then i lost my virginity, technaically. My penis, entered her vagina twice, I told her I loved her, and she could not say it back. I realized that this was not right. I stopped, I put my close back on. And she did the same, I old her i just could not do it. She said she understood.

After that, she was I believe kind of angry. She did not call me often, and she flirty with me rarely. Then one night i get this phone call.

"Hey Robert,"

I answer her back, hey, what you doing."

She never missed a beat.