Saturday, December 31, 2005

Cant do it

Well guys I told you I would give you guys Random things that were said to me this year, and honestly I tried but it all became too, sad. I can not remeber many good things that were said to me. Most seemed to be hurtful things by Sarah, lies she told.

And so the thing is, I wont subject you guys to whining like that right now. There was simply not enough positive things to chat about this year. Sure Charla happened this year, and she saved me from the holiday blahs, she came to late in the year to turn things around. Not her fault, we just really started talkin in November.

I could put the words of encouragement from Lukrativ, but some of that is so vulgar that it is not worth repaeting. And I think my blog has reached its Vulgar Limit for the year.

I do have things to be thankful for this year. And Friendships that will carry over to next year. I value you Constant Readers, I am not sure how I would have made it through this year without some of you.

In a few hours we cross a threshold. One that takes everything we did last year and dumps it into the vast ocean of the past. After tonight I can no longer say, i got divorced this year.

What can I say about the future. Well its always there, just like the past. Your past is like heartbreak. It resides somewhere in the back of your mind, maybe forever. But the Future is like Hope, it can be changed, if you just try hard enough.

What can I say about 2006, I dont know. It may be the year i fall in love again. it may be the year i actually finish a book. It may be the year that everything could change. But I just hope it is not as devestating to who I am like 2005 was.

Everyone have a happy new year. Be careful, be safe, and be loved.