Thursday, December 15, 2005

Oh Christmas Tree

Wel Tuesday night Charla invited me over to decorate her Christmas tree. I was pretty tired but sucked it up and went over there. i hada good time, all though she could tell I was tired. The good thing is that my mouth only got sore about half an hour before I left.

The loratabs seem to help with the pain, and with my sleeping. I have taken one every night since Monday. And all three nights i have slept like a log, most nights I toss and turn. The only side effect is every night I have some kind of dream about Sarah. Not sex dreams, but dreams of us having conversations about stupid crap. I just think that is odd. The one Monday night was me yelling at her about ruining my life, until she started to cry. Then i felt bad. It is just really odd.

Yesterday ben called me and aksed if I wanted to go see King Kong with him, his treat. He called at 9:30, and it started at 10. In his defense he did send me an IM asking me if i wanted to go. But I was in a Loratab induced coma.

I jumped in the shower, and held off Laundry duty for one more day. (Now however I have about the equivialnt of three loads of laundry. I never realized I even had that many clothes.)

King Kong was good, I liked the stuff from Skull Island more than the time time they spent in Manhattan. So I have to say I was pleased, Ben liked it also. Although he did say the first hour in a half or so was boring.

Friday night after I get off work Charla is going to come over and we are going to watch a movie. Since she thinks she is going to be very busy on Saturday. Its kind of nice to spend time with her and still be able to hang out with my buddies.

They all want her to come over with me. They said they would like to have an actual girl to hang with us. And since Josiah hates women, and Jarrod is dating the most annoying thing in the world, or is gay and lying about it. Then the duty falls to me to bring in the woman.

Well it looks like I am going to be getting off Christmas day. The trade off, I have to work a double on Christmas Eve. Which means a 12 hour shift on one of the busiest days of the year. But I can handle it. I have worked every Holiday this year so it will be nice to get one off.

Well thats everything that is going on. I hope you guys have a great day. I should have pictures of the Christmas tree tomorrow, and I will post it.