Friday, December 02, 2005

It's Clobberin' Time

So I have one more day until the date with Charla, for those playing along at home, the date is Saturday. It is at 5 PM and what am I doing to plan for it today. Laying on the couch and watching movies that come out next week. Thats right folks, I could be planning something romantic and thoughtful, instead I watched The Fanatastic Four, with that one chick, I can never remember her name.. EPZ who is she again ;)

I was never a Fantastic 4 fan. In fact I never really liked any comic books until Wil came into my life. He introduced me to Spawn and the X-men. i really loved the Xmen animated series. (Which i heard they now have a 4 season set for like $50, that would be great to have) I know have a new appreciation for the Fantastic 4. Well at least the movie form. I am not sure how acurately it mimics the comic book.

You see, Ben Grimm actually reminds me of myself. He had everything going for him in his life. He was married to a women who loved him. Well one day he changes, not really like me or anything, but his wife can't stand to see him as he is. Now i am not a big orange piece of rock, but it wa ssad to see his wife could not except him for what he was.

That struck a cord for me. It seemed so familiar. To loose everything that you cared about so suddenly, I knew how he felt. But at least in the movies "The Thing" found love again, in a blind women. See he met someone who could see him for what he was, as a whole. I can say i have never saved a fire truck from falling off the brookyln Bridge, but I tried to do good for those around me. I have a huge heart, and I am hoping that soon it will be appreciated.

I cant say for a fact we will hit it off yet. I cant say that once I meet her my life is going to get so much better, but I can hope it will. I feel with all my heart, I can do no less than that. i cant help it when I am sad, i cry, when I am happy I laugh uncontrollably and sometimes, yes i snort. I am who I am.

So One more day, and counting... Everyone send me your good luck wishes. I hope to have a good update for you guys on Monday. Or maybe even sooner. You all have a great rest of the weekend. And if things dont work out with Charla and I, at least I can say I am not made out of orange rock.