Friday, November 25, 2005

Thanksgiving: The Aftermath

Okay so Thanksgiving went over better than I thought. I did end up seeing my mother, and going out to eat. I did get to talk to Charla several times on the phone. I did eat all of Charla's excellent cookies. I have to survive work tonight, so that I can have a day off tomorrow.

I did feel a little twinge of sadness about where i was this year, as opposed to last year. but it was nowhere near enough to get me down in the dumps by any means. Its weird because over the last month, everything seems to be getting better. And the key to all of this continuing to get better could start someday next week.

When I finally will get to meet Charla. There is one problem with this though. I know where we are going to go eat, I am just trying to decide what to do afterwards. I can not think of anything for us to do yet. The only stipulation is that 1... it can not be a movie. And 2... its freaking cold this time of year. I want to spend time with the girl, not Charla frozen in carbonite. So no outdoor activites. I will definately have to think a little harder.

Last night at work, I had lots of turkey. When I got there, the uy who was working before I came in, had someone bring a plate of food. He was going out of town that night to eat, so he left it for me. So suddenly i had a meal instead of Peanut Butter sandwhiches.

Later on that night a women and her 2 daughters came in and were asking if we had any turkey today. I told her we had. She asked if we had a microwave. I told her we did. She then went out to the car and brought us a big plate of turkey, sweet potatoes, macorini and cheese, and other items. She said she felt sorry we had to work on Thanksgiving.

She kept talking to me, and paying enough attention to me that Phil and Jason had both thought she was flirting with me. She even told me I should come into the coffee shop where she worked. It was all a little weird for me. Besides, I may almost be a taken man :)

She even came back later, to drop off the movie she rented. She was just kind of strange, I dont honestly think she was flirting with me, but i never have had a women really flirt with me eithier so how the heck should I know. Besides she had green hair. I like green eyes and red hair... not green hair and red eyes.

So the good thing is that i got paid time and a half to work last night. I got fed so much turkey that I thought I was going to pass out on the floor from a turkey induced coma. Never to awaken again.

Also I have been meaning to ask everyone what they thought of the new design of my blog. Let me know. So far the only person that has told me they liked it is Lukrativ. Most everyone else did not like it. I like it, but i just wanted everyone elses opinions.

Well gotta run