Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving

I just wanted to shout out to everyone a happy thanksgiving. I spent most of the day with my Mother, (The only person in my entire family that i still care about... Because my mother would walk through fire for me, yadda yadda yadda...)and Ben. My journey begins right after work last night.

We were very busy at work Wednesday night. So when I get off work last night, i drive myself home. I have a little red chair that sits outside my apartment. When I got home last night, there sat a little plastic container full of Chocolate chip cookies. Along with 2 Cards.

Yes, Charla made me a batch of chocaolate chip cookies and left them on my doorstep. Along with 2 greeting cards. One I was supposed to open then, and the other I was supposed to open the next morning. So I opened the card and read it. Very Sweet!!!

I forgot to tape Lost last night, so I gathered up my laundry, and TV-VCR combo (Because my mom only had a dvd player in her living room), my cookies, and my two cards. I was going to drive over to henderson so I could watch the Tape of Lost that Ben had made. ( I am so very addicted to this tv show... what can I say.)

Well I made a stupid mistake. I laid the 2 cards and the cookies on top of my car while I loaded the 13" TV into the card. A huge gust of wind came up and blew both cards out off the card. I seen the card I had already opened land on the ground. I ran over and grabbed it. The other card I did not see at all.

I felt so bad. I looked for 20 minutes in that parking lot for the card. I could not find it anywhere. I got my flash light out and crawled under my car, under the other cars in the neighborhood. I cold not find this card. And I paniced. I felt so silly ... it was just a card. It was nowhere to be seen.

I was so distraught coming over to my moms at 1:30 in the morning cause I had lost that card. I emailed her three times telling her how sorry I was that i lost the card. Ben and my Mom share a 2 bedroom apartment in henderson.. because they both wanted to live in Henderson. And when i got there last night and getting my laundry started ben came in there to see what was going on.

I showed him the card... and the cookies. I then told him about the card that wanted to fly. I was very upset about the whole incident. We talked for a little bit, and then he brought me the "LOST" tape and i watched it at like 2:30 in the morning. After it was over I knew I had to get some sleep. So I lay down on the couch.

When i got up this morning, I started to gather my laundry up. Ben told me he had a present for me. I was confused at what he had gotten me. He pulls out the missing card...

He had driven over to my apartment at 5:00 am (which is a 30-45 minute or so drive) got out of his card with a flashlight, and within one minute, found the card. He did that for me. I was so relieved. I was so happy... I could not believe it, I really thought I had lost it forever.

Charla called me about half an hour later. To wish me a happy Thanksgiving, for the third time. I told her what Ben had done. She was happy too. We all got dressed, and went to Kmart. Then when we came home we decided to go to the Golden Coral to get a thanksgiving dinner, since all of our plans got changed at the last minute.

I was so tired driving home, turkey just the same as sleeping pills to me anymore. I then lay down because I had only got about 3 hours of sleep the night before. So I got a few more hours of sleep this afternoon.

I will crash tonight after I get home from work. I am sure we will be extremely busy at work again tonight. Because of all the kids out of school and all that good stuff.

A year ago i was moving into my new house over thanksgiving weekend. Weird how from one year to the next things change. I would have never guessed I would be where i am now, a year ago. I can say one thing, a year ago i dont think someone appreciated me, as much as Charla appreciates me now.

I will meet her next week for the first time. I can wait, I am nervous, she is nervouse, we are both excited and afraid. I know its going to be okay. I just never would have guessed my laugh would be where it is right now. But maybe that will be something i will be Thankful for next year :)

Happy thanksgiving everyone. I also have you guys, contstant readers, to be thankful for. For not you guys, i would probably be still a shambling corpse of a person. Pining over someone who thought I was no better than mud on the bottom of her shoe. So thank you

Charla, Audrey, EPZ, Oh So Wonderful, Luke, Ben, Mom, Wil, and many more this Holiday season.