Saturday, November 19, 2005

Saturday, Toothache, Tornado victims and the BMV

Okay so here goes, its Saturday and I am tired. Why am I so tired, well it has something to do with the girl that makes me smile. And a phone conversation that lasted for 4+ hours.

I did most of the talking this time. I had to tell her more about Ben, and our high school teacher Mr. Ramen. Which got into the story of Ben and the Huge, used, disgusting gum story. I will not share that one here, it is a long story, and one that I share with most anyone I become friends with. Ben just rolls his eyes.

So I did not go get my tooth pulled on Friday, yet. I had to worry about getting the title to my car. You see I bought this car back in July, and we have had a hard time tracking down the title. The dealer owns car lots all over the place, and the car got shipped one place, while the title another.

So over the last few months I have had to go to the Car lot, and get another temp tag. I know it has at least been three extras. Well Yesterday I had to get it. So I can not concieviable be at the dentist at 9 to sign in, because I had to call him at 10 to make sure he got it.

This morning I could not go because I had to be at the Burea of Motor Vehicles. Because my tag expires on Sunday. Now most of the time going to the BMV is ironicly like going to the dentist. They are mean, they always get their way, and the wait seems to take forever.

While waiting in line before they opened the door. There was a guy standing with his mother. He was in a sling, and had a huge gash across the side of his head on the right. His right eye was heavily blood shot, like the look of someone who had been in a horrible accident. His Mother was wearing one shoe and a slipper, but I could not tell what had ahppened exactly to her foot.

They were survivors from the trailer park tornado. He was hurt pretty bad. They said they recieved insurence money and they were going to be moving out of modular homes forever. I can't say I blame them.

So I actually spoke to friendly women, who was not rude or hateful like 90% of those who work for the BMV. It took me no time to get my new license plate, and regestration, and I was on my way. Totally painless. Okay so i guess it is not like going to the dentist.

I am going to the dentist on Monday morning. End of discusion. My tooth felt fine Thursday night. Well it hurt but it was only one tooth that hurt, and not the whole side of my face. Today, my whole face hurts, but least I know the culprit, and that little bastard is getting yanked out.

Well I am going over to Matt and Jeff's tonight to "worship the devil". (Charla's term for role playing) Enjoy y weekend, and then dread going to the dentist on Monday. My mother did give me $100 to get my tooth pulled. So i will be able to get my tooth pulled and buy groceries this weekend.

Well guys I am going to cut out of here, and watch a little tv and stuff until Charla calls, and before I go to matt and Jeff's. I swear I will give you more information about Charla when I feel it is appropriate. Right now I have spent most nights talking to her for 2-3 hours a night. And she has started calling me punkin which is just hialrious.

Good Bye guys.