Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Hey there peeps, are you ready for another exciting post by the one and only Hendersonman. I thought so.

Anyway, back to the blog at hand. I really am going to fully clean my apartment on Saturday. I have to because people sem to want to come over to my place on the weekends if we dont go over to MAtt and Jeff's apartment.

A new episode of Lost starts tonight, I had to go buy a blank tape because I dont have any, and I cant miss it. I am addicted. All i know is that tonight one of the cast is going to die. I believe I know who it is, but last time the person they said was going to die, did not. I know Aud is still watching season one so I dont want to spil it for her... it was Locke.. just kidding it was Jack... I am kidding again

I better be careful, she may delete my blog too... Sorry Audrey. I had to say it.

I have to work tonight, which should not be to bad. I have the theme songs from Charlie and the Choclate factory running through my head. I guess for once in a long time, I am in a happy mood.

Dont worry I have not given up on the blog novel. Its taking a little break for Blog Sweeps Week. I am saving the next chapter to well actually I dont know you will have to wait.

Just got a call from Lukrativ. I am going to have another 4 day weekend and my vacation days for this year will be all gone. I really have to say, 2 weeks of vacation stretches a lot of weeks when you use them in 3 day burst. I kind of like taking vacation like that.

Been reading alot of stuff from the Exalted RPG and I would really like to run it again. I thik the last time I ran a game I was rusty, and I was uncomfortable with someone in the game group, cause I was not use to playing with him. But I had a good story to tell.

The tornado information is finally dying down. I know there are lots of can food drives. I feel sorry for those folks, I could not imagine loosing everything like that.

Well Guys there is not much going on, but did I mention I am in a good mood. I think I did, but I just wanted to say it again.