Sunday, November 06, 2005

Don't Panic I am Okay

I just wanted everyone who may have heard that Last night here in Evansville, and the tri-state area, had a Tornado. And from all indications it was bad. So bad that our local news is saying we made national headlines.

The scary thing is that it hit a trailer park, the same trailer park that in 2000 we were going to live at, and there were no spaces left. So we did not end up moving in there. Where this park is, there is nowhere to run and hide.

Right now they say that ther may be as many as 11 deaths. This tornado swept in under the cover of darkness, while people were sleeping. One of ou local weather men said that, the first indication of the tornado may have been the sound of their roof being ripped from their modular home, as they slept.

I went to Matt and Jeff's last night after I got off work, and afte being there for 2 hours or so, the rain started to pour down. Matt made a joke when the sirens went off, that here we panic everytime the wind picks up.

About half an hour later, his cell phone goes off. Jeff looks at it and says, Its Dan. He answers and keeps saying hello. No one is talking on the phone, so they hang up and try to call him back. The phone goes right to voicemail. It takes them about 10 minutes toget ahold of him. None of us knew much about the tornado, except for when Josiah's mom called and told him there was one spotted.

Dan called to tell them that his house was hit by a tornando. A lot of damage was done. He said across the street, the home of his neighbors were simply gone. Nothing left. He also said that an apartment building had a car thrown through one of the buildings.

At that point, I knew it was time to go home. I dont really leave to far from Newburgh were Dan lives and I wanted to make sure my apartment was still standing. Its not much but its all i got. It was almost 2:30 am at this point. Coming home was scary, I could see large low hanging clouds, some of the streets and backroads I use to get home where flooded. Several were pretty deep. But I did make it home. And my apartment was still standing.

I had to call MAtt and Jeff and let them know that I was okay, they said they would worry if we did not call. And we were told if we could not get home because of downed power lines and such, to just come on back and we could stay the night. It is real nice to have good friends.

I was awakened to my mom calling me this morning.I knew I needed to call her in the morning to let her know I was oay. However she could not wait until I got out of bed.She called me at 7:15 am. So I have had about 4 hours of sleep and can not get back to sleep. She told me there were 80 fatalities. I thought that was a little high, turns out there were a 105 injuries, not fatalities.

I can honestly say it is the closest I have come to a tornado in my adult life. And I believe it will have lasting effects on our community. And Charlee if you are reading this email me, or IM me to let me know your okay. I know it hit Owensboro and I am worried about ya.

Well guys I am going Let you guy and decide what I am going to do with myself. Bed, xbox, bed, xbox, bed, xbox... Bed