Friday, October 21, 2005

Annoyed as Hell

Okay i dont ask for much. I have been dating Mandi for over 5 months. I have gotten no sex, no kiss, nothing. I have probably spent over $500-$1000 on dating here in this time. I am not really adamant about sex. But right now I am fucking annoyed.

You see, she has called me from work several times over the last few days. And I mean actually talked. Not hi, how are you gotta run, bye. I mean actually answered questions and carried on a conversation. We laughed and joked and kid.

She invited me again to her Halloween party. A week from tomorrow. I told her I still planned on coming, as long as I was off, and todah I am. So I call her last night, she answers the phone. She has caller id, I call at the same time every night. If you dont want to talk with me just dont answer the phone. She answers. i talk for a few minutes and she asks me if she can call me back.

No problem. I have nothing to do anyway, call me back. I hang up the phone. I get one call that night, and it aint from her. Its my ex wife with a computer problem. I try to help her, but fail to help her. I get off the phone with her and continue to wait.

So lets flash forward to today. I figured that she would not call me during her work today. Its a very busy job on a Friday especially after her help quit. So I was not perturbed.

What annoys me, its now 8:00 PM and she still has not called me. Yes I could call her but I am not going to. You see she was going to call me back. And its the sheer principal of the matter that, I made the effort to contact her, and she told me she would call me back. So yeah i am a little annoyed. Borderline pissed.

I may call her tomorrow, or I may not. At this point I dont really care. If i do call her back, she will be spending time with me in the future or its off. Her old assitant manager is coming back to work for her on Wednesday. So now I will not have to hear excuses like, I am too tired to come over, or other bull shit.

She has been so damn flaky since her brother moved in that i dont know what to do. I think her brother may drag her down the path to self destruction. He is a pot head, and a drug abuser and I am a little afraid she may fall into bad habits again.

I just get sick of the mixed signals. It drives me insane. Ughhh. I want someone dependable. Not someone who just calls me when her brothers not around cause she is bored. You know i actually want her to come over to my place. Watch movies, make out, sex whatever. I miss the touch of someone, anyone. So i am frustrated, anger, and have not really been in a happy go lucky mood all week. And hell i have been on vacation.

Its resons like this that I defniately miss marriage. Whether anybody else believes that or not its your quandry. Why the hell do i never get the woman that knows I am a great guy and understands I am like an onion,(or an ogre) I have layers and on the top, I want to know you are thinking about me at least once a fucking day.