Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The Test

Okay so i took my post office test today. It was not as long as I thought it was going to be. The worst thing about the test was everyone else taking it. I mean come on its the 21st century. I mean I know we dont have the Jetson's flying car or anything, but do we really need to take 20 minutes to explain how to fill in a bubble test. Literally we had to sit there while Jane doe, spelled her name out, and then bubbled in the 7 letters.

If they would ust hand people the test when they came in the door and told everyone to fill out there name and bubble it in before the test we cut down half the time we had to be there.

Then tell me this. Why we have to answer smaple questions in the booklet, and then turn around 2 minutes later and do a practice test. I mean come the fuck on. Sorry about the language, but please. I was missing playing XBOX because bill cant figure out how if the answer is a to fill in circle a, sheesh.

I think I did really well on the test. At one point on filling everything out they ask you for your race and gender, but it was purly optional. I almost did not fill this part out. I know for a goverment job they look to fill a minority quato. They told us that filling this info out was not going to hurt your chances. Not to sound racist or anything, but I felt like I would have a better chance of getting an interview if they did not know I was a white male.

But I filled in the bubble for Caucasian, white non-hispanic (Thats exactly what it said.)

So on the the test, i kept waiting for them to call a potty break, I was squirming pretty good near the end, (it had been nearly 4 hours since I had went to the restroom.) No avail.

So I got throught the last part of the test in about 20 minutes, I was actually the first one done. It was one of those strongly agree, strongly disagree type personality profiles. The expected wait for a return of your test results is 8 weeks, so a few days before Xmas I should be able to figure out what i scored.

All in all I think I did extremely well. I went in with a confidence man grin baby. I am usually really good at taking these kinds of test. I once did so well at a test at Gibbs die casting (a factory where my mother works) that they had actually put me in the do not hire folder, because I scored so flipping high. You see it was one of those test that they want the average scorers because they believe them to stay longer.After not getting a call back for along time, my mother asked her boss what had happened. Thats how we found out why they never hired me.

So i made my rounds of contacting everyone. I called mom, then I IM Audrey, and called Mandi. Text messaged Sarah, and still have yet send a message to Allan.

I talked to Mandi on the phone for almost an hour tonight. Telling her what happened and everything. I did hear an intersting story of run away shopping cart, going down an incline in front of her buisiness, doing about 30 mph into the old Wal Mart parking lot.

Mytoe hurts worse today, probably because of the standing on it for so much today.

Oh by the way. If you guys drink mountain dew or no anyone that does, they are having a contest that they are giving away an XBOX 360 every 10 minutes from now until October 31. If you drink mountain dew and are not interested in this contest please send me the codes off your bottle cap. I need an XBOX 360 and you people love me right? Right?

It just a little code on the bottle caps, you can email. I dont want to sound like I am begging or anything, but it would be nice. frankly my blood sugar would sore if I consumed to much mountain dew and no body wants that. So you see you are actually saving a dear friend.

Also EPZ I have not done your reading yet, but hold tight I may do it tomorrow, I cant tonight because of LOST. Nothing competes with Lost not even sex, xbox, or MAndi (I actually had her call me psycho because of my obsession.)Okay, I am guessing I would miss it for sex, but only if I could tape it. The show, not the sex. Everyone who watches themselves on tape having sex looks like polar bears wrestling, what thats another LOST refrence. My Head hurts. I gotta go.

Man you guys are getting my best week of post yet. Three days in a row.