Sunday, September 18, 2005


So I was talking to Audrey Friday on Yahoo IM. Asking her about LA and the wild partying of Hobbit Worshipers. It was interesting to know that LA traffic is so awful that it takes her an Hour to get home.

She then asked about Evansville, where I live. She asked if it was all cows and corn fields. I tried to the best of my knowledge how to describe where I live. Yes there are a few cornfields outside of the city limits, but the countryside his shrinking and the city is getting bigger.

In fact where i live now is almost the same place I lived 6 years ago. When we were surrounded by a cron fields. Now the city is expanding and i am not 30 sec. away from a grocery store, a subway, my bank, and a hobby shop.

Over 121,000 people call Eville home. We are the second highest divorce rate in the US. Right behind Las vegas. We have two malls, okay really only one good mall. I live about 10 minutes from. They have a video game store and the people actually know me by first name.

We have several golf courses but I dont go there, cause i dont play golf. We have several swiming pools, but I dont go there because I cant swim. We have a riverboat Casino. I have not been there in a long time. It is one of the biggest employers in the area. We are 45 minutes away from a new toyota plant, that also supports a major percentage of the Evansville area.

We are bording on the Ohio River, and our city is in southern Indiana so we are right across the river from Henderson, KY where I was born and raised. We have a lot of bars for a city our size. I never really go to them. We had a comedy club but they closed down and are thinking of moving into the Riverboat Complex in the future.

We have a lot of gas stations. Gas right now is going for $2.69 a gallon here. Still a bit up from normal. We have a lot of Blockbusters. We have a place called Comic Quest, where I play role playing games at on most Saturday nights. I am a geek and readily admit that.

Not much else to say about Evansville. Our downtown looks kinda of gothic. Its home. I would not really want to live anywhere else right now. Who knows I might decide to up and move out of town one day.

So to clarify, there is more than corn in Indiana