Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I believe my Ex-Wife is moving to West Virginia

Okay not really, but in keeping with the times. My ex wife spent Sunday Night/Monday Morning Coon Hunting. I was asked to watch the dogs this weekend so she could ride four wheelers and go Coon Hunting. And from the sound of things, they did not catcha single coon.

I think my ex wife is becoming more red neck everytime I see her. Next she will have overall ands and a spitoon. At least she is having fun I guess.

Me I went over to Matt and Jeff's Saturday night with Jarrod and Jesse. Because i had nothing better to do on a Saturday night then folllow Jarrod around a grocery stores so who could buy shish ka-bobs skewres

We ordered pizza, and watched a british show called Coupling. Oh my gosh, that show is hilliarous. I used to not care much about british humor, but I guess that was before I began speaking to the british. By the way if you are ever in England on a train and a man who call himself Rob from America, its probably my buddy Alan. He says if he acts american its easier to pick up women over there. I told him I was going to act like a Brit and see if it help. So maybe I will do the rest of my blog in Brit Speak.

Ello! Top of the morning to you fine folks. Would you like a spot of tea. Sorry to see how bad that Bloody Hurricane destroyed New Orleans. Well Tata Cherrie ho

Okay never Mind

I hope everyone knows there family that were affected by the hurricaines is okay. Everryone have a good night.