Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Taking a small hiatis from Gaming History, and who reads my blog.

I some other things going on behind the scenes. So I have not really put much effort in to my thinking of the next post.

I am supposed to take Mandi to the drive in this weekend, but not sure. I am about broke. I had to buy groceries cause i did not have anything to eat in the house. I was down to cheese and tv dinners, I am a big guy.. tv dinner is not much for someone like me.

So I bought some bread, boneless chicken, about 10 cans of Chief Boyarde pasta. A 12 pack of coke, and vanilla coke. 3 huge cans of spaghtii O's Some french bread, cheese and peperoni for my french bread pizza, and several XXl Burritos. Yeah i know not very healthy but I am also not a cook either. I need to pick up some salad stuff.

The point is i spent $50 on groceries, and was only budgeting for $30. i may be able to squeeze out a date, but I will just have to see. I still have to file bankruptcy very soon. It wont be so tight I just have to get my car licensed. The temp tag expires the 21, and i still dont have the fucking title. Ughhhh.

Okay well I also wanted to say a few things about my loyal followers. I seem to have gathered a few when i gave my address out to my shithead boss who decided to share it with the entire Blockbuster office staff.

So here is a list of who i know reads my blog.

The most important persons are

Evil Petting Zoo: I think if had not discovered my blog early on i would have probably would not have kept writing it. Without him I would not have such a lovely following, I recommend everyone check out his blog, link on the saide.

Audrey: To the hottest little red head I have ever blogmet. She keeps my spirits up even when they are low. She has also been a loyal follower. I hope everything works out best for ya. And PS I think your hotter than your roomate ;)

My ex wife still reads my blog. I can tell when she has been there because of the little Statcounter tells me who has been to my website by there IP address.

Other People Who read my blog.

Luke: My boss, nuff said. I gave him the address because he was asking about my web site. He did not even know what a blog was. Al though he said it was good, and there was some good reading but I really needed to write about the good stuff in my life instead of the ex wife bullshit.

Rick: Mr. BBV Accountant. Sigh! I hate it when i go in the office and he still calls me Captain Snacker, like that is equiveleint to my name of Robert. Its like when the West Virginians call evil petting zoo, big pimpin

Jeff: He owns my company, nicest guy in the world, and I will not say anything bad about him because I dont want to get fired.

People I dont know who they are but read my blog.

Mr or MS. Prescott Arizona... I see your IP address on my blog So who ever you are i noticed you went back and read every single post. Please leave a comment so i know who you are.

Well that is about it. I will chat with you guys later.