Thursday, August 11, 2005

Meet the Family or Playstation 1

Well Saturday i think things with Mandi will take a drastic turn. I am going to a party with her, and meet her family. I am a little nervous but not to worried. The worst part is hoping her grandmother does not see the wedding band finger, because it is still very much visible and i have not wore my wedding band in 5 months

Her grandmother does not believe in divorce. She is from the class that you are married forever in theeyes of God. I bleieve that too. But it does not stop the person wanting the divorce from moving on with their own lives.

I dont do well alone, i know what it feels like to be happy and with another person. I know how waking up in the middle night just to watch them sleep feels like. Some nights i would just want to wake up Sarah just to talk to her. Talk about nothing at all.

I hope I can feel that again. I keep telling myself that i will feel that again, it just takes time. It still hurts that it will not be Sarah. There are times I still wake up in the night after dreaming about her that I roll over and realize, she is not there. Those are the nights that I have a hard time getting out of bed the next day. There even harder to thank about.

I have not cried over her in about a week and a half. At Least. Tonight I did. I was flipping through a playstation magazine and it mentioned that the ps1 turns 10 years old September 9th. I cried because it was my life until I met her. Video games have always been my life. I can tell you what was going on in my life if you mention to me a game title. The Ps1 I was playing the year I got married.

I will share in a future blog what games I have fond memories from, not of the game but of the life I was living at the time. You might hear stories of a time when I was happy. When I felt loved, when I had hope. When I had her...

For fun if you want to leave a game suggestion, I will tell you what was going on then. It can be any game ps1 forward.

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