Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Weekend In Review

Well my weekend started Saturday morning with work. So I worked through that as painfully as possible. Mandi called, because her brother was coming over that night so she wanted to be back by 8, so we decided that when i got off at 5 we would go eat dinner and I would call the night short to go hang out with my saturday night crew.

I get a call right as I am pulling up to her apartment from Jarrod. He says everyone is meeting at Old Chicago and eating. Well I told him I would be there, maybe a little late, but I would be there.

MAndi and I had a good dinner I was stuffed and could use a nap. But I dropped her off, and told her I would call her tomorrow. Then drove over to Old chicagos pizza. I just knew I was going to start my journey down to the wall of Foam. I was mesmerized by the thought of coold delicious beer as the tempature hovered outside around 95 with humidity making it somewhere close to the center of the sun (110 degrees aprox.)

When I got there I called jarrod. Becuase I did not se his car anywhere. He said he would be there shortly and that a few of the other guys I knew where there. So I met up with them. And thats when I was told about the 2 hour wait. After about 30 minutes Jarrod and Jesse show up. I suddnely felt better cause the other straight guy was there. (Just a joke, the other guys dont bother me much. If people dont like gay people they should just go screw therselves. )

Jarrod is cocky, he thinks he is gods gift to women. He is very arrogant and actually lost a potential date from just mentioning his name (Very true story). So he went in to try to speed up the time, by flirting with a waitrice whatever he does.

He comes out, "Well I sped up our seating time, we should have a table in about an hour." "Jarrod we have ben standing out here for about an 30 minutes." So we decided that we would not eat there.

We drove 15 mintues to a smaller town called Newburgh. There we went to Fritz Beer HAus. I am not into german food but I was not eating it anyway. Afterwards everyone went to see charlie and the chocolate factory. I and Jarrod left, he had a party to get to an Hour away. He said there were going to be models there. I had to work the next morning so I was going to pass that offer right up. No Model will dte me, or sleep with me, no matter how drunk they got.

I went home and to bed. Went to work Sunday, Mandi calls because her computer monitor kees going off. I try to tell her what may be the problem. She says she cant figure it out, so I offer to come over to fix it.

By the time I get over there, it is not doing it. So I kind of hang around and we eat. Its the first time I am in her bedroom. I cant figure out what is wrong with the computer.So nothing else to talk about in her bedroom, I watch her play a computer game for a bit.

Things I have noticed lately
1. Her hugs are tighter, and more lingering in the embrace.
2. She seems to be taking a more approach of dressing nicer when I come over.
3. She had the rose I got her sitting on her dinning room table in plain view
4. She is not drinking whenI am coming over. (This was a big deal to me, and I never mentioned I did not like that she drank alot, but I think she is understanding that)

Also something that just flew under the radar that I wondered how I should take it. Before we were going to go to the drive in (Before it was rained out)And she was asked by someone if we were going to hook up. She said she did not know. She asked them if they meant to ask if we were going to have sex. We both Laughted it off.

Later I say sometihng jokingly about buying some chewing gum in case we hook up at the drive in. She then says, you might pick up some condoms too.I told her that i already had some of those, and she says so do I. And we laughed.

Well last week I am chatting on the phone and I made a sexual comment about her because we she said something about wearing only a bra and shorts, because it was so hot in her apartment. I said oooooowwwww something to that effect.

She laughed and somehow we got into the conversation of sex. About stuff we have tried, stuff and more stuff. It was actually calm discussion. I was really shoked how we got onto it. Then the condom thing came up again. She mentions that all her condoms were expired.

Now here is the thing I missed. If she had checked her condoms when we had the condom conversation she would have known they were expired. So why is she just now checking and finding out they are expired. Hmm, could she be thinking of something to do with those. Or am I just reading to deeply into something, I just think if you knew you had expired condoms a week before you would not bring up having any at all right.... Oh well catch you later