Friday, July 22, 2005

Another theft of EPZ

I was reading EPZ again and I thought I would write down random thoughts about me That no one knows or might not know about me. It looked like a fun activity.

1. I miss my Ex wife
2. I miss my dad
3. I can't swim
4. I am afraid of Fire
5. I dont think I will love will all my heart again
6. I am an award winning writer
7. I miss waking up to someone
8. I dont believe just anyone will do for number 7
9. I am afraid I will never find another "The One"
10. I sleep with a fan on
11. I usually fall asleep watching G4tv
12. I can't watch Big Brother anymore because it reminds me of "Her"
13. I hate my ex wife
14. I love my ex wife
15. I am afraid I dont belong anywhere
16. I believe I have a destiny
17. I believe I will be a leader
18. I enjoy reading and taking hot baths.
19. I am afraid I may have diabetes
20. I hardly ever tell my mom I love her
21. My ex wife is the only person I ever told I love you to on a regular bases
22. She will probably be the only one I ever will tell.
23. I sometimes faked orgasms because my ex wife looked bored
24. I thought I would spend the rest of my life with her
25. I secretly hope she never has children
26. She broke my heart on more than one occassion
27. I hated camping, but I did it becuase she loved it
28. I hate mayonaise
29. I hate anything white and creamy
30. I was a backyard wrestler
31. I dabble in Tarot Cards.
32. I hate being alone
33. I dont think I am attractive
34. I was bullied in high school by a guy 1 1/2 shorter than me
35. I have only been in one fist fight
36. I thought my best friend might have been gay at one time
37. I laugh when my gay friends flirt with me
38. I want to know what its like to kiss someone again
39. XXX Removed XXX
40. I could have slept with a girl after my wife left me, the girl who thought I was kinda cute wanted to.
41. I thought when I started this it would be hard to come up with some many things about me.
42. Sometimes I feel like I wish i were dead.
43. I never seen my divorce coming the way it did, even though I suspected something
44. My ex wife scared me. I thought of her as unapproachable sometimes
45. Yet I knew she loves me
46. I think she still loves me.
47. I hate everyone in my family, for the way they treated my father before he died. Except for my mother
48. I blame my mom for the majority of the reason why I am divorced
49. Some of these things still hurt
50. I got writers block from time to time, but I stopped writing completely when my ex wife quit wanting to read it.

Your comments or wanted elaborations are welcomed.