Sunday, July 10, 2005

A Night with A Glimmer of Happiness

I left Mandi's tonight. We watched the movie Cellular and then I went home, cause she had something to do tonight. Its nice having a friend, at least someone to spend a little time with.

Before I left I got a Personals response from another lady who is 26 and seems to be a real sweet heart. She actually kept reply to my replies and I left her my email address. I have to keep my options open. Mandi has told me she is talking to another guy, so i can talk to another girl.

She seems to like movies, alot. She said she is a movie fanatic, and i like pretty girls, so it could be a match made in heaven... or it could be just another of those girls that i get excited about who then mysteriously stop writing me. I am hoping for the best.

Now on to my moment of Zen. I was driving home and stopped at a Shaved Ice Stand. No one knows how much I love those damn things. As I waited in line under the twinkling lights I suddently felt happy.At first i was scared because it was a heart attack. I felt like a kid again. Even though I miss her, I always felt good about myself, like I was not bad looking, I had some confidence, and i was not even wearing Khaki.

Of course it did not stay long, but I felt it. It was there for a moment.

I am still having my Good Days and my bad Weeks. I hope to someday have the good and bad days. Lord only knows if I will ever have my bad days and my good weeks. That seems a little exceptional, but you know what... tonight I felt like an exceptional person. Tomorrow I may feel like a shitty divorcee who misses and loves his ex. But tonight I am exceptional.

I am going to run me a bath, and read a little more "Needful Things"