Friday, July 01, 2005


When I was still in heaven above
God asked what i wanted most of all

I sat and wonder about riches and glory,
I contemplated on being sympathetic,
To be a great author and write a good story
Anything in the world as long as I was not pathetic

I did not to be a drunk,
Or to chase women for fun
Nor did I want to be a bully or a punk
Or be a thug that carries a gun

As i started to make my decision
a girl yet to be born stole my attention,
I asked God to what was her name
I believe it be Sarah if its all the same

I could have had anything that day,
A world of no work and all play,
I told God with a smile,
I wany her, if only for awhile

God looked down on this unborn child
Stroked my hair very mild
Are you already for such big plans
I dont see a girl who will wash dishes or pans

No I said I want to be loved
She will fit in good with heaven above
Devil or angels it does not matter much,
I will take her as such

You may not hold her forever this you understand
Cause even I can't change the will of woman to man
In the end you may loose it all
If it is love that you want then I will answer your call.

It took him 20 years to bring her to me
I waited for love from sea to sea
Now it has come and gone
But I know I loved her and for that my decesion was not wrong

Have a great day everyone