Friday, June 17, 2005

Walmart Open 24 hours

Well I was talking with the ex tonight. She had gotten home from hanging out with her friends. The 2 she has left. And I decided to go visit my new apartment. So I went and did that. I ended up talking to her while I put up my new shower curtain.

I decided that enough had not been done, so I put together my new candle warmers. (A nice thing for guys with smelly apartments, it warms the candle so you can get the smell good stuff without actually setting things on fire) Fire bad!!!

Well I decided to go to Walmart, cause I am an insomniac. I was one of those people I can not stand. The ones who talk on a cell phone while doing anything else. I bought the following items.

Vaccumm $43.12
reese peanut butter cups x 2 $.45
Wall Clock $3.97 (Bought one for the ex, she needed a clock on her wall)
Wooden Wall Clock $6.97 (hehe I bought me a nicer one)
8 pack of AA batteries $4.97
universal remote control $9.97
8 Ice cube trays (4 for me, 4 for her)
A pack of ol Roy bacon and egg dog treats $2.97(For our dogs. They were do cute they looked just like pieces of bacon and egg)

Walmart is stil insane at 12:45 am. Had to stand in line for 20 minutes.

So I dropped off the stuff at the ex wifes door. And went on back to my apartment. Which are basically right across the road from each other. (No I did not move that close to her on purpose. It was the cheapest and closest to where I wanted to live. I asked her if she minded first. She seemed not to mind so i went for it.) I pay $335 a month for a closet with appliances.

Maybe i will post pics of it tomorrow. I am going to go over there, and go buy some things at the Deals everything is a dollor place. I love cheap shit. Well Gotta goto bed I have to open my store tomorrow.

Here is a question, what is the last thing you bought at walmart. Just an interesting topic.