Thursday, June 16, 2005

My Apartment

Wel i signed the lease today on my apartment. Went in, I love the carpet, it was so 70 style. It could have been worse I guess, it could have been shag. I can already tell it is going to be a long time before I have sex with a girl living here. But hey, its cheap, and it was availiable.

I wont be moving total in to the apartment yet. I am a little worried that the king size bed is not going to fit in my bed room. I will do my best to jam it in there. Also the living room is kinda small. But I do not need much, its just me living here.

As long as I have my xbox, broadband internet, I will be a little less than happy. But it will be tolerable. It has a refrigerator, to keep my water cold. It has a stove to cook my world famous spagetti -O 's. Man I miss being married right now. My ex could not cook, or at least she hardly ever would cook, but at least we had the cash to buy dinner if need be.

Oh well this is all part of a growth right. I was never grown up enough in the eyes of the ex but now i am forcing myself to. Its kind of fitting that it is her birthday today. I did drop a card off to her apartment door, with $10 it for her to get her a few bagels at the bagel shop, I wanted gift certificates, but they were out.

Actually they were not out, they could not get the safe open to get the gift certificates, and the only guy who could get the safe open in town sleeps til noon everyday. Sigh
Okay well everyone have a nice day