Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Its funny what you day dream about when you are alone.I daydream more than I probably should. As a writer I find it to be a very creative outlet. So I was laying in bed tonight after talking to the soon to be ex wife. When I got off the phone with her I started thinking about how I always wanted to be her hero.

Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to be a hero. I wanted terrorist to take over my school, so i could save the cute girl in school, so she would notice me. Now I know I am not a tough guy. I know I am not athletic and no one is going to mitake me for spiderman if I were to swing over a bridge on a rope and save the dangling child. Okay once at a aunted house we had to swing over a mud pit and lets just say my shoes got muddy when I ran through it.

I always wanted to be someones hero. I wanted to join the police force, but I could never pass the physical, I weigh 260 pounds, 5'9" and do not look good in a uniform. But I always wanted to help people. I wanted someone to say, That man saved my life when the bank was robed because he took out the lone gunman when he was not paying attention. He was swift and dashing. And he handle him with his judo-like fighting style.

And after I got married I wanted my wife to think I was her hero. That is when I began to fantasize about how much I loved her and wanted to protect her. I used to believe that one day she would be scared and a man would get angry and try to hurt her in the office, just as i showed up.

When I would think of anything hurting her I could feel the adreniline pump through me, and it was not even realing happen. So I would feel sorry for the first guy that ever tried to hurt her and i was a witness. I may be fat but lets say anyone under a 150 pounds would no what it feels like to fly. Becuase i am very strong.

Now I just want my wife to think i am her hero. I would do anything to make her think that way again. Rescue kittens from trees, stop an alien invasion, save our neice from a hostile kidnapping plot gone wrong, or all three at the same time or maybe I just need to get some sleep.

Wow if that last sentance did not put a funny picture in your head I dont know what would.