Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I Have a Date and what Not to do When renting videos

Well I am sitting here and feeling very nervous. I have a date this morning. Not that the first one I have been on since my soon to be ex has filed but to me I hope it is a god one. If it is then it will be one more thing in the last week that has went better than I thought could have.

You see I work for Blockbuster, and for the last few months I have worked mostly nights. I think it is one of the many reason (stupid reasons) my wife left me. Even though when I went on nights she told me she loved me and that we could work through anything, because (here we go) she loved me.

That is not what i am here to talk about today. I am just happy to have a date with a girl who told me "I think your kinda cute"

But on to another matter. Everyone here I would guess rents videos from a video store, not necessary the evil empire of Blockbuster Video, but somewhere you do rent them. Please make the person behind the counter feel a little important.

-Do have everything you want with you at the counter when you check out. We hate it when we are ringing you up with a line of customers and you walk away to go look for "White Noise" one more time. You are holding up progress.

-We are not Psychic, so please do not ask us when a movie is coming back tonight. It could come back 2 minutes or 2 hours, its not at my house so how could I possible know.

-When you call to check on a movie. Tell us all the titles you are looking for at one time, s we have an idea how long we are going to be on the phone. When you call we do not just magically press a button that suspends time to the customers in line

-Please do not call us and ask us all the movies that came out in the last month. If you are that far behind, get in your car and drive over. Chances are that if you have not watched a movie in a month then there is going to be something that you want to watch anyway.

-Kids, I love children, I hate brats. If your child does not understand that he/she can not run down the aisles arms stretched out and dragging every movie into the floor, then they need adult supervision and should have someone holding there hands at all times.

Ok so i was in a goofy mood. I just get really annoyed sometimes, and I just wanted to vent. If i come up with anymore of these tips then I will post them on future blogs.

Be Kind and Please Rewind