Friday, May 20, 2005

Star Wars and an Apolgy to God

Yes I am a geek. Why do I say that, its quit simple. Its the truth. Not only did I not go to sleep till 1 in the morning Wednesday night, ok technically Thursday morning, but then I had to get up and take my Mother to work, at 5 in the morning.

So instead of me going to home and going to sleep. I proceed to go stand in line in front of a theatre to see a movie at 7 in the morning.

Most of the time I do anything insane like this, I am disappointed but this time I was not. I loved the movie, I thought it was the best out of all six movies. Most people may disagree but I dont care its my opinion and I will share it if I want to.

Just one more thing I would not have been able to do if i were married. I would have to beg for the money, I would have taken my wife instead of Ben and she would have set there and appeared bored the entire night. Would have complained there was too much noise, and that the sets are uncomfortable and that she was out of popcorn and wanted me to go get her some more.

On to other news, I have gotten a new digital camera and took some new pics of me that will never be shown on this site to protect my identity. I am a modern day Clark Kent fellows. One pic in particular made me look quit smashing.

I was told by a female, "I think you are kinda cute". Now normal those words are never lined up in a way that makes me sound good. Normal these words only appear in sentences like, "I think your dog is kinda cute." Or "I think your hair needs to be cut and then maybe if you wore better clothes and lost weight you might be kinda cute."

Things like this give me confidence that maybe even though I did not want this divorce, that maybe what ever powers that be that control fate and destiny know what they are doing and maybe I owe God a little bit of thanks and a Sorry for calling him a Bastard. He might have been looking out for me all along.

Sorry God

He may have seved me from a marriage I was not getting what I needed from it and did not even know it. Now I am ready to figure out if there is love still out there for me. I need to drop my self doubt and find someone who completes me, and who I am. Not who thanks I am riding on there coat tails, because they have money.

I seen my wife today, had to take her money for the house payment. She looks more and more like a slut everytime I see her. This is not the conservative woman I was married to. This is a woman who thinks she can find happiness by acting like a whore, and pretending she is a college student again.

Well she may have left me for greener pastures but my favorite line I always told her when we talked about making the same mistakes.

"The Grass is always Greener over the septic tank"

So I hope she finds something that MOOOs her along. If not I am sure that shirt is going to get tighter, and that skirt a little shorter.